'Identity Thief' Cast Extols Melissa McCarthy


Melissa McCarthy has been hailed as one of the funniest women in comedy after her performance in Bridesmaids sent the world into a fit of laughter. At the premiere of her new film Identity Thief, her co-stars shared their thoughts on McCarthy's recent surge in popularity.

After her Bridesmaids role earned her Oscar and SAG nominations last year, McCarthy was cast in a series of comedy films. She is now in such high demand that Identity Thief producer and star Jason Bateman flipped the gender of her eventual character just to bring her aboard.

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Beyond her effective delivery of her lines, her co-stars cited her genuineness and relatability as what has makes her so beloved by audiences and filmmakers alike.

"I think her heart. There's nothing fake in there," McCarthy's Mike & Molly co-stars Bill Gardell and Reno Wilson agreed as to the source of her popularity. "...I think [people] feel her genuine love and that little crazy sparkle she has behind her eyes."

Rapper T.I., who is appearing on the big screen once again after co-starring in and co-producing the 2010 action thriller Takers, spoke about the broader context of McCarthy's prevalence in the acting world.

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"...She's funny and she's extremely confident and secure within her own skin," he said. "I think that's what allows her to knock down barriers of stereotypes that the industry says a female leading lady should look like."

Genesis Rodriguez, who recently starred with Will Ferrell in Casa de Mi Padre, expanded on the notion of McCarthy being an important figure in altering the general perception of actresses.

"[Melissa] is making [women] the 'it thing' again," the 25-year-old actress said. "She's making us funny; she's making us approachable. She's just breaking the mold for women as comediennes and I couldn't be more proud of her."

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Amid all the high praises from her gushing co-stars, McCarthy couldn't help but add her comedic touch to a question about working with Jason Bateman.

"It was dreamy to work with him, but a little bit better to get to punch him in the throat," she said. "I've thought about that for years."

Identity Thief
is in theaters this Friday (Feb. 8).