Morgan Evans Releases Five-Part Docuseries for 'Over For You' Song Following Kelsea Ballerini Divorce

Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for ACM

The docuseries comes just months after the pair finalized their divorce.

Morgan Evans is channeling his breakup pain on-screen in a five-part docuseries for his song "Over for You." The track, written about his divorce from Kelsea Ballerini, was released in October, just two months after Ballerini filed to end their marriage. The series sees Evans detail his return to the stage with the "most personal" song he's ever written and shared with his fans.

In the song, the Australian-born country star shares that he was blindsided by his then-wife's actions. Written just two days after he packed up his things and left their shared home, Evans said that while it was difficult for him to share, the impact the song has had on his fans, and the way they've been able to relate to his heartbreak, has made it all worth it.

"Over for You" is the only song Evans said he's written post-divorce, telling the camera that it felt like it's helped him "channel all that awfulness into something positive."

Ballerini had a less than excited reaction to the song, telling Call Her Daddy's Alex Cooper earlier this month that she was "so angry, so angry," after first hearing the song. "I had a pretty good grasp on my grieving journey until that song came out and I was livid. I think that maybe there's a world that he was blindsided. I did not blindside him. Two things can be true at once, and I think like if he truly was blindsided, then where was he?"

But the "Mountain With a View" singer insisted she has moved on and is no longer fazed by the song.

"Now we're like months past it," she said. "We're moving on and I've taken the time to, like, actually sit in my feelings and go through that grieving process and take ownership of what I brought to the table too."

The docuseries comes just days after Ballerini released her own six-song EP and short film, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, which tells her side of the story. For the singer, it's something that she wishes she had done in August when she pulled the plug on her marriage.

"I wish I would have had it in August," Ballerini told Cooper. "I wish in August when I would have been like, 'I'm blowing up my life, I'm doing it.' That someone would have had those six songs that I could have listened to, to like go through the intricacies of the emotions of everything you think your life is going to look like, it's not." 

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat details Ballerini's perspective on the road to divorce, including the singer sleeping on the couch, going out of her way to catch flights to see Evans (when he allegedly wouldn't in return) and even pulling herself together following a fight ahead of the CMT Awards.

"I was just putting examples in there," she said about the revealing lyrics that dispute her ex's claims. "We were in therapy for years. Like remember that time that I slept on the couch before the CMA Awards and then we, like, walked the carpet with bags under our eyes 'cause we had been fighting? I was just like again, if that is your narrative, if that's true to you, where were you?"

Ballerini and Evans tied the knot in 2017 following what she described as a "whirlwind romance." In August 2022, Ballerini confirmed that she had filed for divorce from Evans, with the pair settling things by October 2022.