Miranda Cosgrove and Rob Gronkowski on Their Hosting Chemistry at the 2022 Kids' Choice Awards (Exclusive)

The pair spoke to ET's Rachel Smith ahead of the April 19th show about what fans can expect.

Miranda Cosgrove and Rob Gronkowski are getting ready to host the 2022 Kids' Choice Awards and they're promising an epic, slime-filled show. ET's Rachel Smith spoke to the pair about what fans can expect from this year's show and the chemistry they have together as co-hosts.

"I would say [fans can expect] a fun entertaining show, and a lot of sliming," Gronkowski shared.

"Thousands of slimings," Cosgrove joked. "One thousand slimings during the show, for the first time ever!"

"Some silliness. We got to bring some silliness to the table," the football star added.

From slimes to a big sled, the pair were thrown right into the sticky, green slime-filled world of Nickelodeon, which helped the actress and athlete build up that chemistry as co-hosts, just in time for the big show.

"Well, when we were doing the promos, they basically threw us right into it, and they made him do a bunch of pushups, burpees and push me around on what was that thing, I don't even know?" Cosgrove asked. "A sled," Gronkowski replied. "It was a football sled."

In addition to some sure to be silly moments from the duo, the show is going to be packed with some amazing performances and appearances from Taylor Swift, Adele, Olivia Rodrigo and more. As far who they're looking forward to seeing most, the former Nickelodeon star said she's hoping she gets to slime some of her fave celebs.

"It would be fun to slime Adele, and I think Katy Perry has like, the best sliming at the Kids' Choice Awards of anyone ever," Cosgrove said, referencing Perry's epic 2010 sliming. "So maybe Katy Perry again."

While Perry got it pretty bad, the worst sliming has to be the one done on Gronkowski during the promos for this year's show.

"It was awful," Gronkowski admitted. "So, they are like, 'you gotta get slimed and we are just gonna do it real quick, and we gotta do it three times.' I'm like, 'why three times? I'm sure you're gonna use the clip for like .1 seconds on the promo.'"

"So, I get slimed, it was a good slime, and it was like, alright, one more time. And I'm like, 'alright so, it's not three it's two,' I'm like, 'I can do two,' and the second time, I swear these slime blasters...he continued."

"They were from here and here, from both sides," Cosgrove added. 

"Like these things have power like a rocket coming at you," Gronkowski said of the harrowing experiencing. "I'm getting slimed, boom, boom, boom, even on my face, boom, off my body, it's going up my nose and my mouth, and I turn around, and it's still going. It was like a 25 second slime. It wasn't like continuous, so I kept getting blasted by the impact and it was brutal. It was brutal."

Tune in to the 2022 Kids' Choice Awards, Saturday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT on Nickelodeon, to see who takes home an orange blimp and who else gets one of this year's one thousand slimings.