Minnie Driver Shares Tips for Avoiding Brittle Hair in the Summer and Reveals the Haircut She'd Love to Try

Minnie Driver
Jennifer Johnson

Curly girl! Minnie Driver has been mesmerizing us with her acting skills and luscious locks since the early '90s when she hit our movie and television screens.

The actress has played a variety of roles over the years, but something that always remains the same is her gorgeous hair.

"The healthier your hair looks, the better you feel," Driver told ET while celebrating her partnership with Joico for their new Joico YouthLock Haircare Collection on July 19 at Ulta Beauty Westwood Village in Los Angeles, California. 

"We associate shiny, healthy, strong hair with youthfulness, and while I'm not advocating that anybody tries to look 25 when they’re over the age of 50, I think you can embrace all of these things that have to do with health, vigorousness and athleticism. Strong, healthy hair says that to me, so that’s why I always pursue that," she continued.

To maintain nourished, damage-free strands, Driver relies on a straightforward, consistent routine filled with quality products.

"I love the YouthLock Shampoo and Conditioner and Treatment Masque. If I'm blowing my hair out, I use the YouthLock Blowout Crème, but if it's curly, I use the Curl Defining Crème. I don't really want to do too much to my hair when it’s curly. I just want to wash it, spray something in it, and then scrunch it and let it dry naturally," she explained. 

Minnie Driver
Jennifer Johnson

"My hair is pretty curly and can get brittle particularly in the summer, so what I've noticed about using these products is the amount of shine and bounce that gets put back into my hair. I'm in the ocean a lot so it feels very restorative," the actress added. 

As for maintenance, Driver makes sure to keep up with regular trims and tries to avoid heat styling products as much as possible. 

"I get a trim every six weeks. I just dust the ends so that it breaks minimally and I don’t get split ends. I’m really trying to not use heat on my hair or use it as infrequently as possible. When I do, it’s usually a red carpet look or an event, because it’s tricky on super curly hair," she noted.

While Driver has certainly mastered her haircare regimen now, in the past, she has faced bad hair days like the rest of us. 

Minnie Driver
Jennifer Johnson

"There is a whole story in my book, Managing Expectations, about when I cut my hair like my sister who had straight blonde hair. She had a very short, beautiful bob and I cut my hair the same way and looked like Sideshow Bob and Koko the Clown had a really unattractive teenager. It was awful and really sad. I cried a lot and wore a scarf around my head for a long time," she recalled. 

Now, when Driver experiments, she prefers to do it while wearing a wig.

"I would love to do a Jean Seberg look, but I would do it with a wig. I wouldn't want to cut my hair like that because it wouldn't work with my hair, but I love that very, very short look with a little fringe, side part and very close cropped," she shares. "I think typically as you get older and when you have good bones, which I think I do, it can look really chic."


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