Miley Cyrus Reflects on 'Magic' Malibu House She Shared With Liam Hemsworth That Burned Down in Wildfires

The 'Flowers' singer and 'The Hunger Games' star lost their home in the 2018 Woolsey wildfire.

Miley Cyrus is looking back at the house that changed her life!

In the latest installment of her Used to Be Young series on TikTok, the 30-year-old singer opens up about her home in Malibu, California, that she shared with Liam Hemsworth. Cyrus said that while writing her first solo album, Meet Miley Cyrus, she was introduced to the residence, and it was where she recorded the songs.

She didn't know that 15 years later, it would become a major part of her life.

"The Meet Miley Cyrus record was really where I started writing my own songs as a solo artist, and so I was working with a producer in Malibu that lived in a house in Ramirez Canyon, which I would've never known 15 years later I would be living in that house, which would eventually burn down," she said. 

"That house had so much magic to it," the "Used to Young" singer added. "It ended up really changing my life."


Used To Be Young (Series) - PART 13

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Cyrus and Hemsworth, 33, lived in the Malibu home until the Woosley wildfires destroyed it in 2018. At the time, Cyrus was away filming, and Hemsworth was at their house and rescued a number of their pets. A rep for the then-couple told ET that the duo donated funds that would aid in rebuilding and preventing more fires from overcoming the area.

"Miley and Liam lost their home but are very grateful to be safe along with their animals!" the statement read. "Their community and state are very special to them and they want to give back to the place that has created so many beautiful memories for themselves and others. They are donating $500,000 to The Malibu Foundation through Miley's charity, Happy Hippie, in hopes to restore Malibu’s magic."

Following the fire, Liam took to Instagram to share a image of big letters that spelled love, which survived the fire. The "We Can't Stop" singer spoke to Ryan Seacrest about the special message behind Hemsworth's post.

"Liam posted on his social these love letters that were physically left at our house,” she said. "We had these big gorgeous letters that said 'love' when you drove up to our house and they actually made it through the fire… and that’s literally and physically all that’s left so I felt that was really poetic. You can always rebuild a physical structure, but that love that can’t be destroyed is always there and always stayed strong. So that gave me a lot of light during a dark time."

Cyrus and Hemsworth -- who were together on-and-off for 10-years -- tied the knot during a secret ceremony a month after the fire in December 2018. The pair announced their separation in August 2019, and finalized their divorce in January 2020.