Mila Kunis Has the Ultimate Reaction After Being Asked to Sign a Megan Fox Poster

In a resurfaced clip gone viral, Kunis corrects a fan who thinks she's the 'Jennifer's Body' actress.

Mila Kunis had a hilarious response to a fan who confused her for Megan Fox. In a now-viral clip from September, Kunis is signing autographs after exiting Jimmy Kimmel Live! in New York City, when a fan asks her to sign a poster of the Jennifer's Body actress.

"I love her! That's Megan Fox," Kunis tells an excited fan. "She's fantastic, and the fact that you thought I was her -- but I love that you thought that I was her."

The That '90s Show actress, who was wearing a face mask outside the studio, signed posters and photos while speaking to fans. She even posed for a selfie before exiting Kimmel's NYC studios, where he held a week of shows in the fall.

While Kunis signed just about every poster and pic fans put in front of her, she did pass on putting her autograph on a shot of her in a swimsuit.

This isn't the first celeb mix-up Kunis has been involved in. In September 2021, Sarah Hyland was mistaken for the Luckiest Girl Alive actress on the red carpet at the Golden Globes. Hyland recounted the incident during an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

"It still happens," the Modern Family actress admitted at the time. "I mean, I met her 10 years ago. I was very excited to meet her. I was such a massive fan, and everyone always told me that I looked like her, but the first time I met her, she's like, 'I get confused as you all the time, and I love it, I take it as a compliment because you're younger than I am. So, sometimes I go along with it.'"

Hyland continued, "And I was like, 'Well, next time that I get mistaken for you, can I pretend to be you?' And she gave me permission, but then a month later it was the Golden Globes when she was nominated for Black Swan."

While Hyland was tempted to put her Kunis impression to the test, she resisted the urge and kept it moving on the red carpet and took the flub in stride.

"And they were just like, screaming at me. They just thought I was her, and I was like, 'Oh, these people want to talk. Oh, you think I'm Mila, never mind.'"

For more on Kunis, check out the video below.