Miguel and Wife Nazanin Mandi on Their Sexy Savage X Fenty Moment (Exclusive)

The couple told ET that this was their first time working together and loved every moment of it.

Miguel and Nazanin Mandi shared a special moment together during the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 2 fashion show. The couple is featured in Rihanna's star-studded showcase of the icon’s new Fall 2020 collection. Miguel performs during the show, with his wife right by his side in sexy lingerie. Nazanin got the news that she would be featured during her husband's performance after he was already booked.

"I cried. Literally…I couldn't stop crying," she told ET's Keltie Knight about hearing the news that she was part of the show. It was Rihanna's idea to have the 34-year-old be the only model during Miguel's performance, which he called a "big moment."

"You don't understand how big of a moment that is and how special it is for us," he said. "So big shout-out to Ri."

Nazanin added that they have been wanting to work together for a long time, but were waiting for the right opportunity.

"Truthfully, him and I have never done anything together to this capacity, and at this level, and it was on purpose," she explained. "We wanted to wait for the right opportunity, the right fit for him and I both collectively, and Savage X Fenty was it."

"He got the news. Of course I'm so excited for him, and then I got the news and it's just overwhelming because this is like a dream for me," she continued. "Being 5'3, not having the ideal body weight of the modeling industry standards, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be walking in a show like this."

Miguel noted that "the timing couldn't be more perfect." "There's never been a brand or an opportunity that felt like it was for us," he explained. "For people that look like us, who, again, had our shape, size, color. The diversity, how sexy it is, empowerment being a big theme, it just was a great fit."

For Nazanin, it was also empowering to see so much diversity and women of all shapes and sizes on the stage.

"It's so important to see diversity and different bodies up there. I know growing up I didn't see that, so now to be in the forefront and help represent the diversity is incredible," she expressed, adding that she's dealt with body dysmorphia "pretty much my whole life, and that never goes away."

After going to therapy, she now has the tools to fight the negative and toxic thoughts.

"I'm there on set and I'm like, 'Oh my god, like there's so many cameras and angles. Are they getting the right angle for me? Like, what is happening?' But again, you shut those thoughts down and remember why you're here, and just rock the hell out of it!" she added.

Miguel, on his end, loved seeing his lady love in the latex pieces. "I was trying to catch peeks," the singer teased, adding that when he finally saw her he tried to get some alone time. "I'm talking about, 'Everybody leave the trailer. We just need a moment.' I'm trying to convince the whole team, like, 'Yo, we just need a moment like to get on the same page with my wife and it was our first time, you."

"They're like, 'No, we gotta go,'" Nazanin laughed, sharing that it took her about 30 minutes to get into the latex boots and sleeves -- and got to keep the entire look.

"Our anniversary's coming up thought so I'm biding," Miguel slyly said, with Nazanin quipping, "Do you know how long it's gonna take me to get those thigh highs on?"

It's undeniable that the pair love one another and enjoyed working together for the first time. They also loved to be a part of a revolutionary event.

"You see other women of all different shapes and sizes and colors being represented and you're like, 'Oh OK, I can rock this too,'" Nazanin expressed. "So the diversity is unmatched and Savage X Fenty is breaking the mold. They are the future and I'm so excited to see it being played out in front of us, before our eyes. It's empowering and it's hopeful and it's motivating and we need that."

See even more from the Savage X Fenty show in the video below.