Meghan Trainor Recalls Feeling Shamed by Son's NICU Nurses for Using Antidepressants While Pregnant

The pop star opens up about her baby boy's rocky start in a new interview.

Meghan Trainor is opening up about those stressful early days of new motherhood, and how she felt mom-shamed right from the start. Expanding on her son Riley's brief stay in the NICU after birth, Trainor now says that her baby's nurses suggested that she may have been to blame for his health troubles. 

"They kept asking me if I was on antidepressants during the pregnancy, and I was, but on the lowest dose possible, and all my doctors said it was safe and wouldn't affect him," she tells Romper. "It was really f**ked up. They had no name for what was wrong. He just wouldn't wake up. They said, 'It's really up to Riley when he wants to wake up.' I'd be like, 'Really? Can't you just zap him and get him up?'" 

Trainor welcomed her first child, now 1, with husband Daryl Sabara on Feb. 9, 2021 via a scheduled c-section after learning Riley was breach. Trainor has previously said that the baby also suffered from breathing difficulties after birth but, after five days in the hospital, the couple was able to bring him home. 

Even then, the newborn hardly cried in his first month -- causing the new parents to panic. "We kept being like, 'Uh oh, what's up with him? Is this what serial killers are like when they're first born? They never cry?'" 

Riley is now a happy and healthy toddler, while Trainor has a stellar support network of fellow celebrity mamas. Among those in her mom squad are Hilary Duff and Ashley Tisdale. 

"I got lucky. All the moms in our group are so cool," she said. "The other day I texted them like, 'My butt is acting up,' and someone sent me their butt doctor — literally saved my a**."

Trainor also revealed the advice she's given Hailey Bieber, for when she and Justin Bieber are planning to grow their own family. 

"I was just with Hailey Beiber and was like, 'The best thing you can do when you have a baby is find a group of moms and join them.' It’s our lifelines," she said. 

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