Meghan McCain Reacts to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Attending Her Father's Funeral

Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain says that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s presence at her father John McCain’s funeral made her feel “uncomfortable.”

The 34-year-old View co-host gave a passionate eulogy at the televised service, and made headlines for her not-so-subtle comments calling out President Donald Trump. 

On Thursday night, Meghan visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where she was asked if she knew that Trump’s daughter and son-in-law would be at the funeral. 

“When we were working on it, I didn’t actually think about who would be attending the funeral, strangely. The answer is no, I did not know that they would be attending his funeral and it’s weird to talk about it,” she explained. "A funeral is sort of, obviously, a sacred time, and I thought that my family had made it clear, at least I had, that the Trumps are unwelcome around me. And my father had been very clear about the line between the McCains and the Trumps.” 

Meghan noted that the appearance of Ivanka and Jared “surprised” her. “It made me uncomfortable, and I hope I made them uncomfortable, honestly, with everything," she told Colbert. "It’s a weird thing to even talk about on a late-night show, but I also know that my father was always if nothing a ham and he designed his funeral to sort of be a bridging for America and to be healing.”

Meghan also revealed that her father had a hand in designing his own funeral, saying he had both candidates who beat him for president speak at the event. She said delivering her dad's eulogy was “the honor of my life.” 

The TV personality went on to add of the Trump family, "I really want it made very clear that the Trumps had beef with me then and in the words of Cardi B, 'They’re going to have beef with me forever, and I’m not going to forget.' It’s sort of a strange element to my life now that they attended and I wish they had chosen not to out of respect, if nothing more, for me, but it’s their call and I think America can judge on its own what they thought of that, and what they thought of my eulogy.”

Meghan has not shied away from her grief following her father’s death. For more on her journey, watch the clip below: 


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