'Masked Singer': Ken Jeong Tearfully Remembers Bob Saget After Emotional Performance of 'Full House' Theme

Ken Jeong

Monday's The Masked Singer truly tugged at the heartstrings and reminded everyone of the emotional power of television as an entertainment medium.

The show -- which was devoted to celebrating the small screen with its TV Theme Night -- featured heartfelt performances of some iconic TV show theme songs that proved to be meaningful tributes to some late icons.

Toward the end of the evening -- which saw The Mummies, The Fortune Teller and The Harp all face off, and featured guest cameos from Tori Spelling and Full House star Jodie Sweetin -- The Harp and The Fortune Teller faced off in a musical battle royale.

Each took turns belting out delivering a performance of "Everywhere You Look," the theme song for, appropriately, Full House.

The Fortune Teller delivered a fun take on the famed tune, but The Harp transformed it into a Broadway-worthy diva-level performance that brought panelist Ken Jeong to tears.

"I tell you, watching you sing that, Harp, and seeing Jodie [in the audience], somewhere up above, our friend, Squiggly Monster, Bob Saget, is smiling," Ken said, choking back tears.

Saget -- who tragically died on Jan. 9 at the age of 65 -- had previously competed on The Masked Singer back in season four as The Squiggly Monster.

His untimely death shocked his many friends and fans, and Harp's delivery of the theme song for Saget's most iconic show struck a particular cord with Jeong.

"This is what TV is all about. It unites," he added, as he got support from his fellow panelists.

The show even began on a more emotional and heartfelt note than usual when panelist Robin Thicke kicked off the proceedings with a charismatic performance of "As Long As We Got Each Other," the theme song for Growing Pains, which starred his late father Alan Thicke.

It was a sweet moment made even sweeter by having Thicke's famous mom, Gloria Loring, in the audience.

"My dad's the reason I have good hair, and my mom's the reason I sing," Thicke said with a loving smile. It was a perfect way to start the nostalgia-filled episode on a high note.

For a spoiler-filled recap of how everything went down in the competition on Monday, click here!

The Masked Singer returns next Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.


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