Martha Stewart Says She Was Recently 'Knocked Out of My Socks' by a Man

The 82-year-old icon delivers her signature candor about a guy she just recently met.

Say more, Martha Stewart! The 82-year-old home and hospitality icon set tongues wagging during a new interview, revealing that she had a less than "appropriate" romantic encounter recently. 

"I got knocked out of my socks last week by somebody," Stewart tells Drew Barrymore in a candid conversation about dating on Friday's episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. "Very attractive." 

Stewart's confession comes as Barrymore asks for her advice on meeting a special someone who she thinks "is hot." 

"Don't you meet a lot of guys? Where do you go at night?" Stewart grills her. 

"Home," Barrymore sheepishly replies. 

"Don't you go out to dinners and parties and stuff? Your friends have to be sitting you next to eligible young men," Stewart continues. 

"No, I'm not living that life, Martha!" Barrymore quips. 

"Well, you better start," Stewart goes on. "You have a lot of friends and they should be inviting you to eat. They didn't do that for me either, by the way, I had to do it myself." 

When Barrymore presses the mogul for more on her date, the response prompts gasps and laughs from her studio audience. 

"It wasn't exactly appropriate, but it was good for a night," Stewart deadpans, pausing a beat before continuing. "Nothing happened, nothing happened. We didn't go home together or anything, but it was just like a little flirtation. It's nice." 

Elsewhere in the interview, Barrymore and Stewart talk dealbreakers in a relationship. For the actress, it's naps. 

"I had a relationship with a guy who just napped all the time, it made me sick to my stomach," Barrymore admits. "He was just so tired all the time, he would nap all the time." 

Stewart says she is on board with napping, but with a caveat. After Barrymore appears to slip up while asking, "Would you date a man who didn't work and naps all the time?" Stewart asks for clarification. 

"Didn't work?" she echoes. 

"Did I say that out loud," Barrymore replies. 

"Yes," Stewart says. "No I would not. That's not what I do. A nap when you're tired is good, catch up." 

She continues, "If he were the most fabulous man in the world and I was madly in love with him and he wanted to take a nap every now and then, that's fine with me." 

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Last month, ET spoke to the home expert at the 2023 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York City, and she revealed the style secret that keeps her looking flawless and feeling confident.

"I like classic, good fashion that I can wear year after year after year," Stewart said. "It's not that I always wear vintage, I don't, but I have a closet full of very beautiful clothing."

As for how she became confident in her fashion sense, Stewart said, "Who knows? It just happened nicely. If you keep healthy and keep in shape and keep yourself looking appropriate, clothes look good on you."


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