Marsai Martin Shares How She Dresses Up Jeans With Items From Her Dad's Closet

Marsai Martin and Joshua Martin

Marsai Martin tells ET her style secrets and where she looks for fashion inspiration.

Marsai Martin has good genes, and jeans! The Black-ish star teamed up with her father, Joshua Martin, and Hollister for their Respect the Jeans campaign, which features the brand’s chic assortment of dad jeans, and to celebrate, she's spilling her style secrets with ET.

For starters, when Martin, 17, picks out her outfit of the day, feeling cozy is her number one priority. 

"My style is a little tomboy-ish, but I definitely go for high-quality clothes and comfort above all. ... I don't play around with comfort," she says.

"The more I grew up, the more I appreciated a looser fit. I really evolved from exclusively wearing skinny jeans, to wearing ripped and baggy jeans. ... I love that Hollister is a super versatile brand. ... They have such a wide range of styles, and they range in price points and sizes," she adds. 

To dress up her denim ensembles, the actress relies on her father's closet, filled with everyday staples and cool accessories. 


"I usually borrow my dad's flannels, and I’m always borrowing his hats and his chains too. ... I love an oversized flannel to tie around your waist and a good bucket hat," the actress tells ET. 

In addition to offering up his wardrobe, Martin's dad shares his style tricks and guidance too. 

"He always give me fashion tips. He’s a Leo, like me, so he feels very strongly about fashion. Ever since I was young, I’d dress myself, and he’d go make me change. Now it’s a little different because I’m older and finding my own style, but I still always ask for his advice," she explains.

To discover her own sense of fashion, the executive producer looks to her mood, social media and celebrity style icons.

"It totally depends on where I’m going and how I’m feeling that day. ... It’s about the energy and connection you have to your outfit for that day," she notes.


"I also love making Pinterest boards for style inspiration and I love Bella Hadid and Janelle Monáe. I’ve also recently been really into Rihanna’s looks. She’s so spot-on all the time, especially with her streetwear," Martin continues. 

Some recent trends that have caught her eye: "For an everyday look, I go for a good crop top with a jean jacket over it, and high-waisted dad jeans. For a night out, I like to wear longer jeans that flare out at the bottom, so they look like they drag. That way, you can wear a heel or a platform with it! Heels upgrade the look, and don’t forget a cute belt."