'Married to Medicine's Midseason Trailer Is Here! (Exclusive)

The season 9 cast of Bravo's 'Married to Medicine.'

What happens in Vegas, comes back home to the ATL -- and ET has your exclusive first look at what comes after that, with the exclusive debut of Married to Medicine's midseason trailer.

The sneak peek at the back half of season 9 picks up right after the crew leaves their Las Vegas girls trip, immediately teasing the group's next vacation: a "relationship resuscitation retreat" seemingly organized by Dr. Jackie Walters... in the woods. Fans also get a glimpse of Dr. Contessa Metcalfe's fitness competition and more insight into Anila Sajja's home robbery. Her husband, Dr. Kiren Sajja, questions if co-star Toya Bush-Harris and her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, somehow set up the break-in as retaliation for the Sajjas joking about the Harris family's many moves over the last couple of years. 

Season 9 also documents the death of Dr. Heavenly Kimes' mother. The women appear to rally around Heavenly in her time of need, but there's also more fallout to play out when it comes to the cast's feelings about Heavenly's unfiltered social media comments about them. There are other feuds on top of that, including an explosive Christmas party showdown between Toya and newcomer Audra Frimpong.

"In this group of friends, we can have such an amazing, fun night to, 'I hate your guts!'" Contessa notes. "It's like the worst family reunion ever."

Watch the trailer here:

"Audra is a very smart, young lady," Quad Webb teased to ET last month. "People always try to say, 'Oh, well, the newbies just trying to get in there. They're just trying to create an issue and trying to be seen and trying to get a moment...' Not in this case with Audra," she offered. "As the season progresses, you'll see that Toya consistently takes digs at Audra, from her work ethic and how good she is as an attorney, to the clothes that she wears on her back. So Toya is just consistently picking at this girl."

"She came with big facts, she came well researched," Quad said of Audra and Toya's altercation. "She is a real estate attorney. You have real estate issues? You should probably not mess with the real estate attorney. I'm just saying, my train of thought."

Married to Medicine airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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