Mariska Hargitay Shares Rare Family Photos With Peter Hermann and Their Kids

The 'SVU' star shares three children with Peter Hermann.

Mariska Hargitay is giving fans a rare peek at her family! The SVU star took to Instagram on Tuesday to share pics of herself with her husband, Peter Hermann, and their three kids, Amaya, 11, Andrew, 11, and August, 16.

After Hargitay hosted the Candlelight Procession at Walt Disney World, she set out to enjoy the park with her family. In shots taken from behind, the actress' kids enjoy the festive lights parade.

Then Hargitay and Hermann enjoyed a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which the actress deemed "the best ride" ever in a selfie video.

Hargitay also took a selfie with Minnie Mouse, after sharing a throwback shot of her husband, herself and one of her children at the park.

When ET spoke to Hermann and Hargitay in 2018, the couple, who tied the knot in 2004, opened up about how they make their long-lasting marriage work.

"There is no secret. We’re all just working through it -- whether it’s a relationship that exists in the public eye to some degree or doesn't," Hermann said. "Our son plays basketball and his coach says, 'Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals,' and I think when it comes to relationships, the fundamentals, in the end, are not that complicated. That doesn't mean that they’re easy, but they’re not that complicated. It's fundamentals -- kindness, listen well and fight fair."