Maren Morris Says She Was Rejected From 'America's Got Talent,' American Idol' and 'The Voice'

The 'Girl' singer is getting real about her early career struggles.

Maren Morris didn't become a success overnight.

The 28-year-old "Girl" singer stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen earlier this week and opened up about some of the rejections she faced early in her career.

"How crazy is it that were rejected by both American Idol and The Voice, but both shows had contestants covering your songs?" a caller asked Morris during the after show.

"That's not even it," Morris responded. "I was rejected from, like, America's Got Talent. There were a ton that I didn't make it to. Thank God!"

"Yeah, right," Cohen agreed. "Someone else would own your s**t."

Morris didn't take the rejections to heart, though, and now finds herself grateful for the way her career has turned out. Following her breakthrough in 2016, Morris has earned six GRAMMY nominations and just released her second studio album, Girl.

"Now people cover my songs for their auditions on those shows, so it's, like, not only is it really nice to have my song on a national television show, I get to collect the check and have some sweet revenge," she said.

Morris recently kicked off her Girl: The World Tour and is set to wrap her U.S. leg in May, before heading to Europe and Australia.

Watch the video below for more on the country singer.