Macy Gray Says She Has 'Nothing But Love' for LGBTQ+ Community After Backlash for Transphobic Comments

Macy Gray
Jerod Harris/Getty Images

The singer is attempting to explain some remarks she made while speaking with Piers Morgan on Monday.

Macy Gray is apologizing and expressing her support for the LGBTQ+ community after comments she recently made to Piers Morgan drew fire from critics who accused her of being transphobic.

"I have nothing but love for the LGBTQ+ and transgender community and have been a supporter since day one," Gray told ET in a statement on Tuesday. "My statement on Piers Morgan was grossly misunderstood. I don't hate anyone. I respect everyone's right to feel comfortable in their bodies and live their own truth."

Gray, 54, was speaking with Piers Morgan on Monday, during an episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored, and they came upon the topic of transgender people and activists.

"I will say this, and everyone’s gonna hate me, but as a woman, just because you go change your parts, doesn’t make you a woman. Sorry," Gray shared. When asked if she really believes that, Gray stated, "I know that for a fact."

In response to Morgan claiming that many celebs are "too terrified" to share their true opinions because of the fear of getting canceled, Gray said she agreed, before sharing what she feels are the physical characteristics of what makes a woman a woman: "I’d say a human being with boobs. You have to start there. And a vagina!"

"Like if you want me to call you a ‘her,’ I will, ‘cause that’s what you want, but that doesn’t make you a woman just ‘cause I call you a ‘her’ and just because you got a surgery,” Gray told Morgan.

Gray also defended Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who has been slammed in the past for remarks considered to be anti-trans, telling Morgan, "I don’t think you should be called transphobic just because you don’t agree with, you know … there’s a lot of judgment and throwing stones at people for just saying what it is.”

In response to her remarks on Morgan's show, Rowling voiced her support for Gray, tweeting, "Today feels like a good day to ensure I’ve bought @MacyGraysLife’s entire back catalogue."

This is the latest controversy courted by Morgan, whose show comes on the heels of his contentious departure from Good Morning Britain due to remarks he made about Meghan Markle.

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