'Lucifer': Tom Ellis and Lauren German Break Down Chloe and Lucifer's Ending

Tom Ellis and Lauren German break down Chloe and Lucifer's ending in the sixth and final season of 'Lucifer.'

Warning: Do not proceed if you have not watched the sixth and final season of Netflix's Lucifer.

Deckerstar fans, rejoice! Though we're sad we have to say goodbye to Lucifer, we're over the moon knowing our beloved Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Decker will spend all of eternity together. Plus, they have a *gasp* daughter! 

ET zoomed with Tom Ellis and Lauren German to break down Chloe and Lucifer's fitting ending, which by the way, they wanted to make sure was just right for their fans.    

ET: What were your thoughts when you heard that Chloe and Lucifer had a daughter? That we were going to bring Rory into the mix?

TE: As someone who has got three daughters already, I couldn't believe he's having another one *laughs.* To be honest, it was a bit of a curve ball but at the same time, I was quite excited by that prospect, knowing what it meant for us as well as Chloe and Lucifer. We're so used to teaming up together for lots of things, but not as parents. It was a welcome new dynamic, put it that way.

LG: Well, you know at first I hear a daughter is coming, a daughter from the future, and I'm like, yeah, that sounds pretty interesting. But once I got talking to Tom and Joe [Henderson] and Ildy [Modrovich], I mean, the real storyline of Rory, which is played so beautifully by Brianna Hildebrand, shout-out to Brianna, we love you. But her abandonment issues with her father, with Lucifer, are so deep and so touching and I think so many people can relate to that. So when I heard through the writers and Tom that that's what Rory's purpose was really, to come in and almost hold up the mirror to Lucifer to sort of show what... He's always felt abandoned by his father, right? And now she's feeling that from him. So sort of flipping the coin and watching that storyline play out between the two of them, I was so excited for it. And then once we got on set and I watched the two of them in scenes together, it kind of jumped off the page and really grounded it. I think that's the main grounding of season 6, is watching this. I mean, she comes in so angry and so hurt.. I just think it's so relatable. I feel like people can just really tap into that and see where that journey goes. And it's beautiful how it ends, with the two of them.


ET: The final words of the series are, "I thought you could use a partner," and Lauren, Chloe, says that to Lucifer. Kind of talk about the significance of their ending. It wasn't necessarily the ending we thought we were going to get, but it's almost the ending that I thought made more sense in a lot of ways.

LG: I did too. Yeah. Well, I love that you get to see Chloe has lived a life, right? And her and Lucifer have sacrificed a lot for each other. So it's like, you go, Chloe, like Tom was saying, "OK, so we're together, we're in love. Finally this is happening." But the run lies within the fact that I'm human, he's not. No matter what I'm going to pass, right? And he's immortal. And so we kind of address that head on and I love that you get to see Chloe be a mom, so to speak, and live her life with Rory. But then when she passes, you think she's gone to Heaven with Amenadiel and then you see her going back down [to Hell] to be with Lucifer for really the greatest reasons, right? If you could even say to help people. He's helping people rectify their Hell loops and their shame and their guilt. And so she shows up to help him and I just thought it was a great way to end the show.

ET: Tom, for you having Lucifer become this therapist in Hell did feel very full circle when you think about the pilot and when you think about his journey and how much Dr. Linda has really helped him. What did you think of Lucifer's ending?

TE: I loved it, I did. I mean, I thought that it's interesting... It's bittersweet, I love using that word bittersweet. I loved it because what I was desperate to happen was one, we address the fact that Lucifer and Chloe are not cut from the same cloth in that he's immortal and she's mortal. So if you have this love story now on Earth, how is that going to manifest itself? It just ends at a certain point. So I was like, "What do our characters know for sure and what does Chloe have the luxury of knowing for sure?" That there is an afterlife, that there is hope there, that there is all these things and we're in control of that. But she needs to live her life out on Earth. I've realized what my calling is and we have a trust in each other that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together at the right time. And I thought that it was a much more bittersweet, I'm going to say it again, but it was a much more satisfying ending for me than they just end up together... Them addressing what they need to address and having learned a few things along the way and then our very last thing is them together and we leave them together in eternity. That's exactly what everyone wants. And I think we hopefully achieved that.

ET: Yeah, and still partners in every facet. I also thought, and maybe I interpreted this wrong, but that her version of Heaven was in Hell with Lucifer?  

TE: I don't think there's a right and a wrong, I think it's up to interpretation. I think that's the thing. I mean, I think hopefully what we tried to do was give the notion, because we know that Chloe went to Heaven in season 5. You assume that when Chloe dies she's going to go to Heaven and we know that Lucifer can't be in Heaven. So there's all these things at play to guide you away from the fact that when he leaves and goes to Hell, they may be saying goodbye for the final time.

ET: Do you have a favorite moment of the whole entire series when you reflect on what you guys have accomplished?

TE: So many. So many moments onscreen and offscreen. I'll give you one onscreen. Season 1 episode, "A Priest Walks Into a Bar." Working with Colman Domingo and doing that piano duel with him, duet thing with him, was a real favorite moment for me because it really then suggested to me that this show wasn't everything we expected it to be, it could be more. And then offscreen, being canceled and being picked up again and the fans making that happen. We'll never forget that.

LG: I know there are so many moments, but the last day of shooting really felt so yummy and beautiful and watching our whole crew help us get the shot. I mean, really we had all these crew members holding these little props and everybody runs in. When Lucifer and Chloe are sitting on the throne in Hell, the whole crew helped with that shot... It really was like the high school theater or college theater, you know? We didn't do the CG with that. We had the whole crew working. It was also the last day so people are giving hugs and cheering and saying their favorite moments from the past six seasons. And then ending that day really with the last scene. So when I knock on the door and say, "I thought you could use a partner," that day for me just was so, so good. Yeah.

ET: I know you guys are such good friends in real life. So who was more emotional filming the final Chloe and Lucifer scene?

LG: I think we both sort of lost it when they yelled "cut" and it was the last cut of the show. I think Tom and I just went into this hug and mutually started cry hugging. I think we cry hugged for about five minutes or something.

TE: Yeah... I felt the same. So it's one of those things, it's a distant thought. What's the end going to be? What's the end going to be like? We finally got there and you're obviously just going through the process of doing your job and then when they call "cut" it was just this, I don't know, it was just like a well of emotion just poured out.

ET: I know Tom, I asked you this before, but now that we've seen how the show ends, would either of you guys be open to revisiting the roles of Chloe and Lucifer, doing a Netflix movie of some sort?

LG: The only spinoff that would not work from the show would be Deckerstar. I could see other characters having a super successful epic spinoff, but I don't know. Muff, what do you think if we did a little...?

TE: I think for now this is the end of the show as we know it. I think that never say never is always something I say.

LG: Yeah.

TE: And the notion of maybe doing a little Lucifer movie one day, I'm not against that idea, but I think the show as we know it and the show that we fell in love with, that has run its course for sure.

The sixth and final season of Lucifer is now streaming on Netflix.