'Lucifer': Tom Ellis and Cast on Possible Movie or Spinoff Following Series Finale (Exclusive)

The final season premieres Sept. 10 on Netflix.

The sixth and final season of Lucifer hits Netflix on Friday and the cast is already looking ahead to the possibility of reprising their roles in the future.

ET's Katie Krause chatted virtually with Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Lesley-Ann Brandt, D.B. Woodside and Aimee Garcia ahead of the premiere, and they all have strong opinions on whether or not they'd like to revisit their characters if the opportunity arose. 

"The only spinoff that would not work from the show would be Decker," German said of her character, Chloe Decker. "I could see other characters having a super successful epic spinoff, but I don't know."

Ellis, however, isn't ruling out playing Lucifer again in the future, but doesn't see that happening anytime soon. "I think for now this is the end of the show as we know it," he says. "I think that never say never is always something I say, and the notion of maybe doing a little Lucifer movie one day, I'm not against that idea, but I think the show as we know it and the show that we fell in love with, that has run its course for sure."

Garcia -- who plays Ella Lopez -- seems to be on the same page as Ellis. "I think so, I mean, never say never," she says

"I was on Dexter and now they're redoing Dexter," Garcia adds, with a nod to the reboot of the Showtime series in which she played Jamie Batista from 2011 to 2013.

While Woodside would absolutely be up for reprising his role of Amenadiel, he's looking forward to taking a break and spending time with his family. "I don't see how any one of us could say no," he says, adding that it would have to be something the fans ask for. 

Brandt, meanwhile, is all about the possibility of playing Mazikeen again at some point down the line. "I love this character," she says. "Don't hit me up in 10 years when my hips aren't working. I'm joking. A lot of women, we're kicking a**. Halle Barry's 50-something shooting a MMA movie and directing it. Hell yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. I love, love this character. I think our show, we certainly squeezed out as much of her story as we possibly could."

For more on the series finale of Lucifer, watch the video below.