'Lucifer' Star D.B. Woodside Teases Heartbreaking Season 5B and Amenadiel Becoming a Cop (Exclusive)

The actor opened up to ET about the show's return and teased the 'amazing' final season.

D.B. Woodside is looking forward to the return of Lucifer. The supernatural Netflix series is returning for the second half of its fifth season, and Woodside is opening up about what fans can expect.

According to Woodside -- who plays the Earth-bound angel Amenadiel and brother of the titular Lucifer (Tom Ellis) on the fantasy series -- the upcoming fifth season episodes are "absolutely" among the most emotional fans have seen thus far.

"Dennis Haysbert, who plays good old dad, God, he's going to be there all throughout 5B. His presence will be felt," Woodside shared with ET's Katie Krause. "He has incredible scenes with both his sons. Dennis gets to act with every member of the cast, whether they know he's God or not. There are going to be incredible moments there."

"I just think with the introduction of God, you are going to be bringing in daddy issues that Lucifer and Amenadiel both have, and some of those need to be cleaned up," he added. "Sometimes, the way to clean those up is you have to go through a little bit of pain and emotion and revelations. So I definitely think that that's going to happen."

Woodside's biggest tease about the upcoming episodes revolved around a scene that he says is going to really hit fans hard.

"I'd also say there's going to be something shocking that happens towards the end of 5B that is going to break everyone's heart," Woodside said, adding that he can't reveal anything about what happens or to whom.

"But I would just tell people that, 'Hey, we have a season 6. So even though your heart is going to be absolutely smashed at the end of season 5B, keep the faith,'" he shared.

Among other revelations, Woodside confirmed that Amenadiel will, in deed, find love before the show comes to an end.

"He does find love, but he finds it in a very different way. In a way that I think is going to shock the fans, surprise them and then it's going to be unexpected," he shared. "But I think it's going to make them very, very happy. It's the perfect ending for someone like Amenadiel."

"He has a lot of love to give and he will receive a lot of love," Woodside added.

As for the ongoing romantic tension between Lucifer and Chloe Decker (Lauren German), one question fans have been asking is if Lucifer is actually going to express his feelings, which he came close to doing in the first half of the season.

"I'm not sure if he will tell her in 5B, but I can say this. In season 6, I'm pretty sure that's going to exist somewhere," Woodside teased.

One big development in the coming episodes occurs in what Woodside and the other stars and creators call their "Black Lives Matter episode," when Amenadiel "decides to join the police department."

"I don't think that you can, in this day and age, have a show about a police department and not tackle that issue. It would just be criminal. And so, they do," he shared. "They tackle it full on."

"I think it's going to be challenging and difficult for people to watch, but I think we all need to watch it," he added. "Doing an episode like that is special and it's important."

Woodside has been an outspoken advocate of the Black Lives Matter movement, and has been very candid about his own experiences with system racism and injustice. So, when it came to playing a cop for the show, the actor admitted, "It was challenging."

"I think sometimes what's difficult for people to understand is the majority of police officers are good  people. I don't think anybody that's black or brown is trying to say that they're not good people. What we're trying to say is that the system in which they exist is a s**tty system. And that that system needs to change from within... We need to dismantle these systems and rebuild them so that good people thrive within good systems and the bad people get expelled."

"So, I think we need to continue doing stories like this and showing people what my, and others, experience is in this country," he added.

When he spoke with ET, the actor was close to finishing up production on the show's sixth and final season, which he admitted "was really sad." "There was a lot of tears," he confessed. 

"We started as this little show that no one really believed in except the Lucifer fans and critics. And we started in Vancouver, these really dark and rainy nights, which in a lovely way, forced all of us to really get to know each other. And we became this incredible family and then, moving back to L.A., and then getting canceled and then getting saved," he recalled. "I've never been a part of a show that's had this kind of journey... It's been incredible."

For Woodside, one of the saddest moments came when he and Ellis filmed their final scene of the series, and it was hard to get through it without breaking down in tears.

"When you're there, and you're shooting your last scene, it's this weird thing because you know it's your last scene, and you're looking at this person in their eyes as you're saying your lines and what's flashing before your eyes is all the memories," Woodside shared. "From the first time of meeting Tom as, at that time, being single dads, and talking about what it's like being dads to little girls and how challenging that was for us, about wanting to give them everything, because we love them so much. So you're thinking about all that stuff while you're trying to not cry through these takes. So, I love the guy. It's been a great ride."

As for the season itself, Woodside said one thing that fans can look forward to is real character-driven episodes.

"What makes season six so special is you get a lot of episodes that will focus on one of the characters. So, you're really going to get a chance to see every character in a different light," he said, "and to follow them for a special episode."

Another special thing about season six is that Woodside got a chance to make his directorial debut. The actor stepped behind the camera to direct an episode in the upcoming sixth season, and he said it was an "amazing" experience.

"It's something that I've wanted to do for a really long time. And I think sometimes what's hard is when you know you can do something and you have a unique voice, as I believe I do... it's hard, in the business that we're in, to have people.... take a leap of faith. They know you as a certain entity and that's what they're comfortable with," Woodside said. "So it was a very heavy lift to get people to see me in a different way."

"It was challenging, it was difficult, but it was the most rewarding, enjoyable experience that I've ever had in my life," he added.

The second half of Lucifer season five drops May 28 on Netflix.