'Love Is Blind' Star Sal Addresses Natalie Dating Rumors, Shares His Current Relationship Status (Exclusive)

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Salvador Perez is setting the record straight about his relationship with Natalie Lee. The Love Is Blind season two stars recently sparked romance rumors thanks to some flirty back-and-forth exchanges on Instagram -- but Sal insists that the two are just friends. 

"Natalie and I are really good friends. That that's all I can say," the 31-year-old executive assistant from Chicago tells ET's Kevin Frazier. "We don't have anything going on. Natalie is just a very sweet person."

Sal continues to gush over Natalie, adding, "I appreciate her a lot and we have been playing around with each other -- but no, we are friends. We are good friends and that is all."

Another reason fans think Natalie and Sal might be more that just friends is because when her ex, Shayne Jansen, was asked during an Instagram Q&A if he and Natalie "hate each other now," Shayne answered, "Ask @salvadior08." 

"I don't think Shayne knew that Natalie and I were just being playful," Sal tells ET of his and Natalie's social media comments to one another. "I talked to Shayne too and was like, 'Hey man, it's all good.' Like I know Shayne is out doing his own thing right now. I cleared it up with him and Shane and I are really good friends too. I was just like, 'Hey, we're just having a little bit of fun, that's all.'"

Shayne Jansen Instagram Stories
Shayne Jansen/ Instagram Stories

As for whether he ever felt a spark with Natalie, Sal admits to ET "it's possible," but adds, "I appreciate [Natalie and Shayne] both as people and I don't ever want to get into the middle of that."

When asked if he and Natalie will ever leave the friend zone, Sal responds, "We're cozy in our friend zone. It's all good."

In a podcast interview on Tea With Publyssity, Natalie also confirmed that she and Sal are just friends.

"I'm close to Sal. I know there's been speculation -- 'Are you and Sal dating?' -- we are not. We're just really, really close friends," she said. "That friendship with him I really appreciate as well."

While Sal doesn't appear to be dating Natalie, he does have someone special in his life. "I've been talking to someone in particular. It's going very well and that's all I can really say right now," he tells ET. "I'm really happy."


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