'Love Is Blind' Season 6 Star Jeramey Calls Out Online 'Hate' After Latest Episode Drop: 'We All Get It'

The season 6 contestant doesn't come off the best in the new episode release.

Love Is Blind contestant Jeramy Lutinski has had enough. After season 6 of the hit Netflix show premiered earlier this month, Jeramey and his castmates have been the subjects of online scrutiny. On Wednesday, the 32-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina, native took to Instagram to share a clear message to the haters. 

"Ok, got it. Enough," Jeramey wrote. "The amount of hate myself and other cast mates have received is over the top." 

Jeramey noted that he and his co-stars have had "courage" to put themselves out there in a vulnerable way, claiming that the eight to 10 hours a day that the cast films was "not enough" for the public. 

"While everyone is entitled to their opinions it's f**king wild to make assumptions about everyone without 1) knowing us 2) being involved in any way 3) not being apart of the other THOUSANDS of hours of footage that's captured," Jeramey noted. "Everyone will get their chance to speak when the time is right. Until then we all get it."


The latest release of episodes have not painted Jeramey in the best light. Jeramey formed connections with two women in the pods -- Laura Dadisman, 34, and Sarah Ann, 30.  

Ultimately, he proposed to Laura and the pair had a romantic getaway in the Dominican Republic together. Once they returned to their lives in North Carolina, however, things went south when Jeramey stayed out until 5 a.m. and was caught spending that time with his ex, Sarah Ann. The latest episode ended with Laura declaring she was done with her fiancé and walking away. 


It seems Sarah Ann has also been the subject of scrutiny in the wake of the latest episodes released. She took to her Instagram Story to show a screenshot of a DM which read, "I hope you die b**ch."

Sarah Ann reposted the message, writing, "I'm going to give this one a little bit of light. Mental illness is real. Imagine watching a TV show & thinking you know someone or know the full story. And you are so unappreciated in your life that you wish death upon another human. That's so sad. I hope you get the help you need friend."

Sarah Ann/Instagram

Jeramey and Sarah Ann aren't the only contestants speaking out. Chelsea Blackwell has also defended her actions after receiving online flack for comparing herself to Megan Fox in the pods and expressing her insecurities to her fiancé, Jimmy Presnell. 

"Of course my insecurities are going to be heightened. I just don't understand why nobody's understanding," Chelsea said, laughing, in a recent TikTok.

New episodes of Love Is Blind are released Wednesdays on Netflix.  


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