'Love Is Blind' Season 6 Star Chelsea Responds to Critics Calling Her 'Insecure'

The flight attendant is defending herself after receiving negative comments online.

Love Is Blind star Chelsea Blackwell has a message for the haters. The 31-year-old season 6 star quickly rose to fame after the Netflix show premiered on Valentine's Day, showing her forming connections with two different men in the pods — Jimmy Presnell and Trevor Sova. 

Ultimately, Chelsea accepted Jimmy's proposal leading to a slightly awkward first encounter, a drama-packed trip to the Dominican Republic, and a tumultuous return to the real world in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Chelsea already spoke out after she came under fire for telling Jimmy that she's often compared to actress Megan Fox in the looks department. The reality star said she had no intention of manipulating Jimmy into choosing her over his other pick, Jessica Vestal, and noted that she regretted the comparison. 

In a new video posted to TikTok on Wednesday, Chelsea continued to address criticisms she's been receiving this season, saying the online commentary as been "super, super loud."


Noting that viewers have been "dragging me through the trenches" for her insecurities, Chelsea went on to explain her mindset. 

"That is something I have struggled with in the past. It has been an issue that I really have had to do a lot of work to overcome," she said of her insecurity, noting that in this intense experiment all emotions are intensified. 

"Of course my insecurities are going to be heightened. I just don't understand why nobody's understanding," Chelsea said, laughing. 

Chelsea also pointed out that this show was filmed more than a year ago, noting that "a lot can change in a year."

"I still think that everyone struggles with a little bit of insecurity," she added. 


As for another criticism she's received, Chelsea added that she refuses to apologize for her intense emotional responses. 

"I'm an emotional person. I will never apologize for being emotional, ever. I feel emotions big," she shared. "And I get excited and I get mad and I get sad, and I just feel it big. And I will never apologize. I love that about myself, and that's something that I'm getting a lot of hate for is when I get excited how cringy it is. That's me, baby. That is me. If you don't like it, then fast forward."

Through gritted teeth, the flight attendant added, "Y'all, I have a therapist. OK? For the love of god!"

She concluded her video noting, "Stay tuned because I'm sure I'm going to be crying again very soon. I'm sorry, not sorry."

The first nine episodes of season 6 have been released on the streaming service, with more to come. Chelsea and Jimmy's relationship seems to be under a decent amount of strain after he called her "clingy," and things will only get more stressful after the couple comes face-to-face with their exes in an upcoming cast meetup. 

New episodes of Love Is Blind stream Wednesdays on Netflix.  


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