‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion: Shake’s Shocking Comment to Vanessa Lachey and More Revelations

The couples from season 2 of 'Love Is Blind' were all in the hot seat in Friday's reunion special.

Spoilers ahead! If you have not watched the reunion special of Love Is Blind season 2, bookmark this for later or proceed with caution. 

The season 2 reunion special of Love Is Blind was filled with drama, bombshells, and tears. Fans got to see the fate of the six couples who got engaged in the pods and those who said "I do" and "I don't" at the altar. 

Sources close to the show tell ET that reunion was filmed two weeks ago in Los Angeles and the cast shot for a few hours.  "They couldn't go as in-depth as hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey wanted to go,” the source said, adding that it's been almost a year since the couples met in the pods.

The two couples who agreed to tie the knot -- Jarrette Jones and Iyanna McNeely and Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl -- are still together and married a year later. But, no surprise, the majority of the drama came from the pairs who split. 

Abishek "Shake" Chatterjee proved to be the clear villain of the reunion, interrupting multiple people throughout, declaring his attraction to co-host Vanessa in front of her husband, Nick, and doubling down on his decision to ask the female contestants for their sizes in the pods. 

Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee also proved to have some heartbreaking moments as they were clearly still struggling with their split at the altar. 

Here were the biggest revelations:

1. Natalie Confronts Shaina


After seeing Shaina Hurley confess her feelings for Shayne in the pods moments before he was preparing to propose to Natalie, fans definitely wanted to see Natalie's response to the situation. Though she kept it classy, Natalie did directly address Shaina in the reunion, saying, "I think with you, Shaina, what you had told me was you walked in saying you were supportive of our relationship and you used to like him, and that was it. So I just think seeing that and knowing you were dishonest was really tough."

Shaina replied to Natalie, "I'm sorry for that. No, I really am."

And Shayne explained that the moment took him off-guard, saying, "It f**ked with my mind a little bit. And I'm obviously very dramatic, that's who I am, but that's what it was." 

ET's source said Shayne and Natalie went to dinner after the reunion hoping to reach a resolution or at least cultivate a friendship. The source noted that Natalie is ready to move on and close that chapter.

As for Shaina, the source said she "has a very serious boyfriend now and she wants nothing to do with Shayne.

2. Natalie and Shayne Gave Their Romance Another Shot After the Wedding


Though the two went back and forth over their pre-wedding, off-camera fight, they also revealed that they gave their relationship another chance after the show wrapped. 

"We gave it another shot after our wedding day," Natalie shared. "We dated again without the pressures. We just wanted to see how we would work out."

But ultimately, Shayne said the situation was "too fresh at the time."

"I will say for me, I held on to that fight for so long and I held it against you," Natalie told Shayne. "I couldn't get myself to move on from it."

As for how long they dated, Natalie previously told ET that they were "together for several months" after the show.  

"Ultimately, we came to the realization, we're very different people, with different needs and wants in a relationship," she told ET. "And we couldn't fulfill those for each other, unfortunately, and parted ways after that."

She has since described her relationship status as "focused on dating myself, loving myself." 

3. Shake Manages to Offend the Entire Cast, Confesses Attraction to Vanessa Lachey


Never has a group of people been more aligned on a subject than the Love Is Blind cast and co-hosts were on their dislike of Shake. ET's source said "Shake was off-rails" at the reunion.

From the start, the veterinarian began upsetting his castmates, claiming he'd been edited in a bad light in the reunion before it had begun. His ex, Deepti Vempati, simply needed to sit back and let him dig his own grave as he interrupted countless couples and exes and giving his take on their situations. And when it came to his own faults, he had little remorse. 

He claimed to "stand by" asking the women about their size and exercise habits in the pods, despite the point of the show being a "blind" take on love. 

"It's not that different than making a huge purchase," he said of trying to find his future wife. "Think of it as the ultimate purchase."

Vanessa Lachey tried to cut in, saying she felt Shake was "on the wrong show," and calling him out for his treatment of Deepti. 

"The problem I have, Shake, is you sat there and berated every single one of these women physically and then went through the process with this beautiful soul here all because you wanted someone that you wanted to f**k, not fall in love with," she said, which he objected to, noting that he and Deepti never slept together. 

Shake then got even more cringe-worthy, declaring, "Every woman here is beautiful. I'm not attracted to all of you. Unfortunately, the only woman I'm attracted to is Vanessa," as the contestants gasped and Vanessa's husband, Nick Lachey, stared at him. 

"It's nature, baby, we're animals," Shake declared. 

"No, you treat animals, we're human beings," Nick told the vet. "I can see now why you don't treat human beings... You're digging the biggest hole for yourself, dude. I like a vet as much as the next guy, but I don't like people who treat human beings like you do."

ET's source added of the reunion, "What you're seeing in the reunion is a watered-down version. Shake wouldn't stop. He kept interrupting everyone and when he said the only woman he was attracted to was Vanessa Lachey, the cast erupted. There were some very harsh things that were said to him that were taken out."

What wasn't taken out of the special was Natalie noting that what viewers saw on camera from Shake was only part of the story. 

"Beyond what was shown, we know about all the things that you said," Natalie told Shake. "That was a very watered-down version of the things you said behind her back. I don't understand how you don't feel remorse." 

Deepti noted that the female contestants as well as Shayne and Jarrette all warned her that Shake had been talking behind her back disrespectfully. 

"It's OK to not be physically attracted to somebody. Guess what, there's a million other people who are, it's the way you go about life. It's how you do it, how you say it, that's extremely disrespectful. It's degrading to women," she said. "Every single person here has an issue with your character. That's all I'm going to say... you lack the self-awareness to even know that you're doing something wrong and it's flabbergasting to me. The fact that I ever respected you as a person, it's mind blowing."  

The source added that Shania "tried to help calm Shake down as a friend and help him out."

4. Sal and Mallory Weren't as Amicable as It Seemed


Though these two said no at the altar, it seemed like they were on track to possibly pursuing a relationship or even a friendship. But in the reunion, Sal Perez seemed pretty upset with his former fiancée, Mallory Zapata. 

"There was just things that happened that I just really don't feel comfortable saying because it's pointless now," Sal said. "It's our history. Call it karma, call it whatever, I just don't think it's necessary to say."

Mallory added, "I honestly think we shared a strong connection because of this experiment, but we're very different. I think in the way that we really communicated or operated."

Sal then aired one big grievance, saying, "There were many times that I just felt unheard. In our arguments and I'll keep that to ourself, but in our arguments I felt unheard."

Mallory apologized and Sal told her he forgave her, but the tension between the two was palpable. 

Sal told ET last month that he is currently "talking to somebody" outside of the cast, when asked about his relationship status, sharing that he and Mallory went on a date soon after their wedding episode. 

"We went on the date pretty quickly afterward, and it was a really nice date," he told ET. "I feel like we got a lot of closure, and it was good for it just to be us but we talked about everything, got our closure and just decided like, 'Hey, we tried everything, let's take some time.' But in reality it was more like, 'Let's just be friends.' I wanted to just be friends, I didn't feel like I needed to explore anything else to be sincere."

ET's source noted that "everyone was caught off guard by Sal's 'no' on wedding day. Mallory was shocked and hurt [by his decision] but she has a great poker face."

5. Kyle Confesses His Love for Deepti


In perhaps the biggest shocker of the episode, Kyle revealed that he felt love for Deepti from the pods, that wasn't shown on the show. 

"I have a huge regret. Biggest regret is I should have asked Deepti to marry me," he said, as the rest of the cast smiled and even chuckled a bit. "That's what I learned the most. I f**ked up. I should have tried harder for you. I love her so much, she's the best. And I wish I saw what was right in front of me and that's my biggest regret. I'm sorry."

Kyle had the support of his ex, Shaina, and Deepti's ex, Shake. 

"It pisses me off because you wasted such a good opportunity," Kyle told Shake. 

"Not true because now you have it," Shake joked. "Happy to facilitate."

As for where there relationship stands now, ET's source said, "Kyle and Deepti have bonded and become very close friends."

6. Iyanna and Jarrette Had Sex in Mexico


After lots of talk about waiting until marriage to have sex on the show, Iyanna and Jarrette were asked about what it was like when they finally consummated the marriage. 

Giggling, Iyanna said, "I was very protective about that aspect of our relationship and I wanted to reveal that when I wanted to reveal that. But if I'm honest, we had sex in Mexico. It was just one time!" 

All episodes of Love Is Blind plus the reunion special are currently streaming on Netflix. Check out ET's exclusive content from the show below!