Lisa Vanderpump Tells Her Staff 'This Is Not Chateau S**t Show' in First 'Vanderpump Villa' Teaser

'This is not Chateau S**t Show,' the Bravo star tells her staff in the dramatic teaser.

Lisa Vanderpump is laying down the law. On Monday, Hulu released the first teaser for its upcoming reality series, Vanderpump Villa, which follows Lisa and her hand-selected staff as they work, live and play at an exclusive French estate called Chateau Rosabelle. 

In the teaser, which is set to Fergie's 2006 song "Glamorous," Lisa tells her staff, "I have personally selected each of you from some of the best restaurants, bars and kitchens. I know you know how to serve, but this is France, so lets talk expectations."

At that, mixologist Andre Mitchell looks stricken, prompting Lisa to ask, "Why do you look so scared?"

As for those expectations, Lisa tells the staff, "You can do what you want behind the scenes, but when you're around the guests, don't get sloppy."

That warning seems to fall on deaf ears, as the staff is seen jumping into the pool, spilling champagne and yelling at each other.

"This is not Chateau S**t Show!" Lisa exclaims. 

In addition to Andre, Lisa's staff includes lead server Marciano Brunette, chateau manager Eric Funderwhite, executive chef Anthony Bar, sous chef Caroline Byl, mixologist Telly Hall, events coordinators Stephen Alsvig and Gabriella Sanon, housekeepers Emily Kovacs and Grace Cottrell, and servers Priscila Ferrari and Hannah Fouch.

In a press release for the show, Hulu teases that each scintillating episode will follow the elite staff as they try to provide luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime, Vanderpump-curated experiences for guests while dealing with rivalries, romances, and raucous misadventures that come from living and working together 24/7.

From firework-filled proposals and opulent events at the chateau to unbelievable excursions and outrageous confrontations in the French countryside, each day at the Chateau brings nonstop heartfelt, humorous and heated moments, from staff and guests alike.

All the while, Lisa evaluates whether this is the team to make her "pop up" experience a permanent reality and add to her ever-growing empire. But will this unparalleled -- yet unorthodox -- crew be able to rise to the occasion and meet both the guests' and Lisa's great expectations?

Vanderpump Villa will premiere this spring on Hulu.



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