Lisa Vanderpump and James Kennedy Clap Back at Rachel Leviss' Comments on Rehomed Dog Graham (Exclusive)

During their relationship, James Kennedy and Rachel Leviss shared the responsibility of co-parenting Graham.

Lisa Vanderpump isn’t having it! 

While talking with ET, the former Housewife responded to Rachel Leviss' recent comments accusing Vanderpump of purposefully rehoming Graham, also known as Hippie, to James Kennedy for a storyline on Vanderpump Rules.

During the premiere of VPR season 11, Vanderpump addressed Leviss' decision not to return to the show, stating, "I actually spoke to her. She reached out to me about something that transpired in the show, and I called her. I do think sometimes there's a moment when you should walk away. It would have behooved her to come back and show some level of understanding and remorse."

Graham, previously known as Graham Cracker, made occasional appearances on the show as Leviss and Kennedy co-parented the dog. Leviss later rehomed Graham after checking herself into a mental health facility, surrendering him to trainers at California Doodle Rescue in April 2023.


Leviss claimed on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue, that Vanderpump tried to convince her to return to the show to tell her side of the story. However, Leviss chose not to film any scenes for season 11.

Vanderpump responded to Leviss' claims, telling ET's Brice Sander, "If that's the way she feels, betrayed, look, I have saved thousands and thousands of dogs. That's something that I think I know a little better than her."

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Kennedy also chimed in, calling Leviss' comments "bulls**t" and emphasizing that the accurate story would be revealed on Vanderpump Rules in the upcoming season.

Kennedy's new girlfriend, Ally Lewber, added, "When you abandon your dog, you don't get a say anymore. He's happy, that's all that matters." 

Kennedy clarified that Vanderpump didn't adopt the dog to give it to him casually, stating that Graham was facing euthanasia, making the adoption a crucial decision.

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Lewber mentioned that viewers would see the cast's authentic reactions to her and Kennedy caring for Graham in the upcoming season. 

Kennedy concluded with a straightforward message, "It's like, 'Get over it.'" The couple revealed their plans to rescue a dog before unexpectedly getting Graham back, viewing it as a serendipitous event.

In July, Leviss' mom, Laura, told ET that the family went above and beyond to find Graham the top rehabilitation center, even after he bit her so badly in the finger that she suffered nerve damage. 

News reports and social media users suggested Leviss dropped Graham off at a shelter, but her mother told ET that’s simply not true.

"Rachel put Graham into behavior classes after breaking up with James because he had bitten several people. When Rachel went into the mental health facility, she asked us to care for Graham as we have many times before," Laura says. "While caring for him, he bit me to the bone, causing severe damage. I saw two doctors for the wound that suggested he be euthanized, which we absolutely declined, and sought out the best rehabilitation center, California Doodle Rescue, that gave him a trainer with over 40 years of experience. After discussing with Rachel, we made the tough decision to drive Graham on May 20 to California Doodle Rescue so that he wasn't alone and delivered him directly to the trainer's home with a tearful goodbye."

She continues, "While with the trainer, Graham bit both her and her husband. They still worked with him more to get him to a place where he could be adopted. He was placed with a new owner and was returned within three days after also biting her. The rescue then reached out to Lisa Vanderpump for financial assistance to hire a different trainer. Lisa offered to adopt Graham and he was picked up by Vanderpump Dogs Rescue on July 13. California Doodle Rescue was told that Vanderpump Dogs would either rehabilitate him and place him in a good home or he could live on her property until his dying day. My daughter nor I ever dumped Graham and want nothing but the best for him."

Vanderpump Rules returns to Bravo for season 11 on Jan. 30.


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