Lindsay Lohan Recreates Iconic 'Parent Trap' Scene With Jimmy Fallon on 'The Tonight Show': Watch

Lohan and Fallon had some fun for a promo teasing her appearance on Monday's 'Tonight Show.'

Lindsay Lohan is stepping back into one of her most iconic roles for a quick, nostalgic promo for her appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

On Monday, Lohan, 37, paid homage to a famous scene from her 1998 family comedy, The Parent Trap, and even got host Jimmy Fallon to join in.

In the cute clip, Lohan offers Fallon an Oreo while they stand in the Tonight Show dressing room, to which he replies, "Sure, I love Oreos."

As he takes a bite of the cookie, he turns to see her identical twin (achieved through the same sort of movie magic and clever editing as the original) standing in the doorway.

"At home, I eat them with peanut butter," says the other Lohan, with a British accent and rocking a summer camp shirt.

"That is so weird," the first Lohan replies, while pulling out a full jar of Skippy peanut butter out of her purse. "So do I!"

A confused Fallon doesn't know how to react, awkwardly declaring, "OK, so, I'll see one of you out here," before walking out of the dressing room toward the stage.

The promo is a direct reference to a scene in The Parent Trap, in which Lohan -- in a dual role -- plays Hallie Parker and Annie James, two identical twin sisters who are separated at birth when their parents divorce, and are kept unaware of each another's existence.

However, their paths cross at a summer camp, and they soon realize they are long-lost sisters. One clue to their sibling connection ends up being their love of peanut butter on Oreos.

Meanwhile, Lohan's The Parent Trap homage comes on the heels of the actress confirming that another one of her classic comedies is getting a sequel.

Earlier in the day, Lohan officially confirmed -- during an appearance on SiriusXM's Andy Cohen Live -- that she and Jamie Lee Curtis will be reuniting for a sequel to Freaky Friday, more than 20 years after the body-swap comedy first hit theaters in 2003.

After host Andy Cohen asked about rumors of a sequel, Lohan replied, "It is...[but] I don't want to say too much." Referencing her co-star, Curtis, Lohan added, "And we're both excited."

In May 2023, ET confirmed that a sequel was in development at Disney, and both Curtis -- fresh off a long-deserved Oscar win -- and Lohan were both in talks to return.

Additionally, ET learned a script is being worked on by Elyse Hollander, a newcomer screenwriter best known for penning the Black List-beloved screenplay, Blonde Ambition.