Tina Fey Dishes on This 'Mean Girls' Alum's Surprise Cameo in the New Film (Exclusive)

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the new 'Mean Girls' movie.

Tina Fey is spilling the beans when it comes to how they pulled off that surprise cameo in the new Mean Girls -- from one of the original film's biggest cast members.

Speaking with ET's Denny Directo at the film's junket earlier this month, the writer and producer talked about getting the first Cady Herron, actress Lindsay Lohan, to make an appearance in the reimagined version -- which premieres in theaters on Jan. 12. 

"We were hoping that she'd be willing to come and I was just trying to think of like, 'Where could she be that could be a surprise?'" Fey, 53, recalled, noting that it was difficult since Lohan, 37, lives in Dubai. 

In the end, the Freaky Friday actress ended up playing the host of the mathlete competition, even making a joke directly related to the original movie and her role.

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When the North Shore Lions math team members find themselves in a tie with their competitors, Lohan looks to the students and says, "Well, this has only happened once before." The line is a direct reference to the pivotal scene from the 2004 movie. 

Fey said that it felt the most organic to put the actress there and to focus on the mathematician angle that Lohan had already played so well. 

"She couldn't come the whole time so I thought... it might be nice to, like, reinforce that aspect of her original character," she shared. "And also it comes at a time in a movie where maybe you think like 'Oh, I guess maybe we're done with surprises' and then you get a nice little surprise." 

Meanwhile, Angourie Rice -- the Australian-born actress who plays Cady Herron in the reimagined version of the iconic film -- said it was an incredibly special moment to get to experience. 

"It was incredible. I mean -- first of all, even before I saw her, I heard her voice and I was like, 'Oh my god!' I know her voice so well," said Rice, 23. "And then when I met her... we met each other and said hi, and then she said 'I feel like I know you because we've played the same character.' And that was just like -- it just gave me chills. It gives me chills again now because it's such a special experience to share that with someone."

On top of her surprise cameo in the film, Lohan also made an appearance at the movie's premiere in New York on Jan. 8, grabbing photos with the actress stepping into her place. Rice told ET she is incredibly grateful to have the experience and will hold it with her for the rest of her career. 

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"I've never before met someone who's played the same character as me, so to share that with someone, to know the ins and outs of a character, is just such a special experience," the Spider-Man Homecoming actress said. "So I was so grateful that she made the time and that we got to meet her."

Mean Girls hits theaters on Jan. 12.