Lily-Rose Depp Greets Girlfriend 070 Shake With a Fiery Kiss as She Returns Home From Cannes

The couple had a loved-up reunion at LAX on Thursday, after Depp premiered 'The Idol' overseas.

Lily-Rose Depp received quite the homecoming on Thursday, as the actress arrived in Los Angeles after the Cannes Film Festival. Depp, 23, was spotted greeting her girlfriend, rapper 070 Shake, at the LAX airport, where the two embraced in a deeply passionate hug and kiss. 

Depp looked casual as she touched down, opting to go bra-less in a cropped white t-shirt with black pants. She wore shades and pulled her hair back in a messy pony. 070 Shake, 25 -- whose birth name is Danielle Balbuena -- wore her curly, dark hair down around her face and donned a denim shirt for the airport pickup. 


The couple appeared to have confirmed their relationship earlier this month, with Depp reportedly posting photo of the two making out on her Instagram Story. According to numerous reports, she captioned the image, "4 MONTHS W MY CRUSH," implying that they've been linked since February.

Leading up to the hard launch, Depp and 070 Shake had teased their romance with several photos posts. 

Depp seemingly came out as sexually fluid in 2015, when she participated in a photo shoot for Self-Evident Truths which documented people who "identify as anything other than 100 percent straight." In the caption for her now-deleted photo, Depp reportedly was described as someone who "falls somewhere on the vast spectrum."

The following year, in an interview with Nylon, she further explained her experience with sexual identity. "A lot of people took it as me coming out, but that's not what I was trying to do," she said. "I was literally doing it just to say that you don't have to label your sexuality; so many kids these days are not labeling their sexuality and I think that's so cool." 

She continued, "If you like something one day then you do, and if you like something else the other day, it’s whatever. You don’t have to label yourself, because it’s not set in stone. It’s so fluid and there’s so much pressure on kids to label themselves and say, 'This is what I am, this is what I like.' I was just trying to say that it’s unnecessary; you don’t need to label yourself."

Prior to 070 Shake, Depp had previously been romantically linked to Timothee Chalamet, Austin Butler, and French rapper Yassine Stein in recent years. 

The actress debuted her controversial new Max series, The Idol, at the Cannes Film Festival last week alongside Abel Tesfaye (aka The Weeknd) and Euphoria creator Sam Levinson.

"It was incredible. It felt like such a beautiful celebration and a culmination of everything that we've been through together, and just kind of a beautiful process that was in the show, and creating this little family together, and it just felt really, really nice," the actress told ET in an interview about the experience.

"Especially to get to celebrate together, and we're just so happy for the response from the room. It felt really nice to watch the reaction and everything, and finally get to share something with the world that we're all so proud of," she continued.

Elsewhere at the fest, her famous father, Johnny Depp, enjoyed a  seven-minute standing ovation for the premiere of his new biographical drama, Jeanne du Barry.

"I'm super happy for him. I'm super excited," Lily-Rose gushed to ET. "And it's so awesome that we get to do projects that we're super proud of."

Depp plays Jocelyn in the much talked about series, a pop star coming off a psychotic break after the death of her mother. As she tries to get a new album and tour off the ground, she goes to a seedy Hollywood club to blow off steam. That’s where she meets The Weeknd's Tedros, a modern-day cult leader who reveals larger ambitions for Jocelyn’s career.

The series has yet to premiere, and it's already received criticism for its nudity, graphic sex scenes and gritty depiction of the music industry. The actress responded to claims of a toxic on-set environment during a press conference at the festival, adding that Rolling Stone's report of on-set turmoil was not reflective of her experience.

"It’s always a little sad and disheartening to see mean, false things said about someone you care about, and that you know is not like that," she said. "It wasn’t reflective at all of my experience."

The Idol premieres June 4 on HBO.