Lily Collins Reveals the Real Way She Got Her 'Emily in Paris' Bangs

The actress shared a behind-the-scenes video of how she transformed into her chic fringe look for season 3.

Emily in Paris is all about those head-turning looks -- and that includes iconic hairstyles! Lily Collins shared a glimpse behind the curtain of how her character, Emily Cooper, transformed into her new fringed look for season 3.

In the first episode of the Netflix series' third season, which dropped Dec. 21, Emily decides on a whim to cut her hair, creating the chic bangs she rocks throughout the season. 

In the behind-the-scenes Instagram reel Collins posted Tuesday, the actress sits in a chair while her hairstylist, Gregory Russell, carefully snips away at her brown locks. She nervously anticipates the results as she goes through the process, saying "Baby's first bangs" and "Oh my god" several times in the video.

"Not exactly trauma bangs… unlike Emily, I didn’t cut these myself!" the 33-year-old Netflix star captioned the Instagram post. "Big thank you to the master @gregoryrussellhair for inducting me into my fringe era and starting Emily’s new hair journey…"

The sweet video ends with a smiling Collins with her eyes closed as she shows off her in-progress bangs to the camera.

Collins has shown off her stylish fringe over the last few months, especially recently during promotions for the new season of Emily in Paris.

The actress, who also is a producer on the dramedy, showed off her sun-kissed look in October.

"Fall fringe refresh...," she captioned a series of selfies.

Following the dramatic third season, Collins and her Emily in Paris castmates broke down some of the biggest shockers from the finale.

"I heard all the endings and thought they were alts," Collins confessed to ET in December. "Then I realized they were all the endings at once. I was like, 'Wait, there’s a wedding and then there’s a wedding that doesn’t happen or this engagement that turns into a wedding that turns into a non-wedding, which turns into a pregnancy announcement, which turns into, like, 'What the f**k? What!'"