Lil' Kim Praises Cardi B as 'So Non-Offensive' at 2019 BET Awards (Exclusive)

The rapper has a lot of love for Cardi.

Lil' Kim has a special place in her heart for Cardi B

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke with Kim on the red carpet at the 2019 BET Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, where she hilariously described Cardi with an adjective we haven't heard before: "non-offensive." 

"I always love to see her. And she makes me laugh. She's fun! She's so non-offensive. I just love her," Kim raved of the "I Like It" rapper. "And then, you know, I wanted to see all the new artists [tonight], Nas X, the baby -- artists that make me smile and have fun."

"It always means everything [to be here], because I started -- this is like, one of the networks that helped launch my career. So it's like, anytime I have a chance to lend my image back to BET, I'm here. I'm here, and ready and having fun," she said. 

Cardi slayed her opening number at the BET Awards on Sunday night, shocking the audience as she gave her husband, Offset, a lap dance while performing her song, "Press." Just days earlier, Cardi, who is nominated for multiple awards at Sunday's show, was indicted by a grand jury in Queens, New York, on Friday, connected to misdemeanor charges stemming from an August altercation at a strip club. Kim has seemingly always had Cardi's back, however, as both have feuded with fellow rapper Nicki Minaj. 

Liliane Lathan/Getty Images for BET

For now, Kim is focused on her new projects rather than her beef. Her VH1 reality series with Mya and Chilli, Girls Cruise, premieres next month. 

"Girls Cruise is going to be one of the funnest shows that you've ever seen on, like, reality TV, but it's not your average reality television show. It's me, my girls, I mean, my girl Chilli, my girl Mya, my best friend Tiffany. You know, I have some new up-and-coming girls, V and B, and my bestie, Marc Jacobs' hubby," she explained. "It's just a bunch of fly, boss girls cruising across the world on a beautiful $30 million yacht."

"There's always love," Kim teased of whether the single ladies will find any suitors on their trip. "And you know, simultaneously, I will also be launching my fifth in-studio album. And the name of my fifth in-studio album is Nine, like the number nine."

"[Girls Cruise premieres] July 15," she added. "You gotta watch!" 

See more on Kim in the video below.