Lil' Kim on Whether She'd Support Daughter Royal Joining the Music Industry (Exclusive)

'She's my bestie,' the rapper gushed of her 6-year-old daughter.

Lil' Kim could have a future superstar on her hands!

While speaking to ET via Zoom on Thursday, the legendary rapper revealed whether she'd let Royal -- the 6-year-old daughter she shares with Mr. Papers -- follow in her footsteps and join the music industry someday.

"That's my bestie! She's awesome. She's doing great," Lil' Kim, 46, gushed to ET's Nischelle Turner, revealing that she's been homeschooling Royal amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. "She's doing excellent in school. I'm so proud of her."

Lil' Kim added that Royal is already a "super superstar" who loves dancing on TikTok. She said if her daughter ever expressed interest in wanting to be a rapper, she would of course "have to support her."

"I can't be a hypocrite," she said. "But some of the stuff that I know now, I will guide her and direct her so that she don't make the same mistakes that I made. Also, I may suggest a different route than me."

Lil' Kim also let ET in on a big secret from her own experience in the spotlight over the years. You know that fiery confidence she exudes, which always seems to come so easily for her as she walks the red carpet in whatever she wants? "It was really hard for me to get there," she admitted.

"I'm very shy. I was always very shy, I was always very timid," she said. "I was always this little girl with this tiny voice. My babysitters used to tell my mom, 'She's so quiet. She'll be talking and we can't hear what she's saying.'"

"So [Lil' Kim] was kind of like my alter ego," she added. "Because they're like, 'You've got to speak up,' and I'd be like, 'Can you hear me now?'"

"The Jump Off" rapper also talked about what fans can expect from season 2 of American Gangster: Trap Queens, which premiered Thursday on BET+.

"I love all these girls for their tenacity and for their strength and for pushing through in times where they had to do what they had to do," she shared. "I mean, I think everyone in the world can identify with these women. Everyone wants to be rich, everyone wants to be famous, everyone wants, you know, money fast. But a lot of times we make the wrong decisions on how to make that happen ... just one wrong turn and it happens."

"But I feel like these girls are also, in a sense, kind of like heroes," she added, "because they may be saving a little girl in the hood right now who's thinking of going down the same path."

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