Lewis Capaldi Reveals Tourette's Diagnosis and Says He'll Quit the Music Business If Next Single Flops

Lewis Capaldi arriving at Global Radio Studios on September 07, 2022 in London, England
Neil Mockford/GC Images

The 25-year-old "Before You Go" singer says his diagnosis "makes so much sense."

Lewis Capaldi is getting candid about his health. The 25-year-old singer revealed on Instagram Live that he's been diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome -- a nervous system condition that causes sudden and repeated twitches, movements or sounds. 

"I wanted to speak about it because I didn't want people to think I was taking cocaine or something," he quipped on social media. 

The "Before You Go" artist acknowledged noticing that he was twitching in an interview from 2018 and that, today, his diagnosis "makes so much sense." He also addressed fans who have called it out on social media. 

"I do the shoulder twitch quite a lot. And you see underneath every TikTok and stuff, people are like, 'Why is he twitching?', which is fine. Curiosity is fine. I get it," he said.

      "The worst thing about it is when I'm excited I get it, when I'm stressed I get it, when I'm happy I get it. It happens all the time," Capaldi noted. "Some days it's more painful than others and some days it's less painful. It looks a lot worse than it is. Sometimes it's quite uncomfortable ... but it comes and goes."

        He continued, "It's a new thing, I haven't really learned much about it -- I'm learning. I've got Botox on my shoulder to stop it moving. It worked for a bit."

        Capaldi achieved global success with his 2019 debut album, Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent. On Friday, he'll release his first single -- "Forget Me" -- off his forthcoming sophomore effort. 

        In an interview with The Sun, the Scottish star declares that he'll "retire from public life" if the song flops. 

        "There's me, a man who, let's not beat around the bush, has accumulated a wealth already, and now I'm asking you to give me more of that, please, during a cost-of-living crisis," he muses. "I'm aware of how f***ing mental that is. But unfortunately it's the game we play."