LeAnn Rimes and Aloe Blacc Share How 'The Masked Singer' Inspired Their New Song 'I Do' (Exclusive)

The performers and former 'Masked Singer' contestants opened up to ET about reconnecting on the set of the Fox reality show.

The Sun and The Mushroom are making beautiful music! After their dominating performances on The Masked Singer, LeAnn Rimes and Aloe Blacc are teaming up yet again for some new music.

The pair recently collaborated on a duet of "I Do," off Blacc's latest album, All Love Everything, and they recently opened up to ET's Rachel Smith about how they connected and began working on the stunning project.

"The beautiful thing is we both performed on The Masked Singer. She won, she was the very best of all of the Masked Singer contestants, and I got a chance to reunite with her backstage," Blacc recalled. "It just dawned on me. She was saying, 'Well, we should work again, we should sing again,' and I was about to say the same exact thing and I thought, 'OK, we can make this happen.'"

Rimes ended up winning the fourth season of The Masked Singer, after performing as The Sun throughout the competition. Blacc, performing as The Mushroom, ended up coming in second place. The singers -- who'd worked together in the past -- had no idea they had spent the season singing on the same show until they were unmasked.

"We both didn't know it was each other, so at the end to know, to see him there, I was like, 'Oh my god, it's my friend! I’m so excited!'" Rimes shared. "I went back after to hug him, because I was like, 'Can we hug? Can we see each other for a moment?'"

"So, you know, it was nice to be on the stage, the two of us, at the end," she added. "For me, honestly, it was the most exciting part, being on the stage with someone I knew."

"The show is a lot of fun," Blacc recalled. "Singing other peoples songs is a lot of fun, the hard part is singing other peoples' songs in a mask, with choreography. But I really enjoyed it."

As for their collaborations, Rimes had nothing but praise for Blacc -- with whom she previously recorded "That Spirit of Christmas" in 2015.

"It's nice to find people that you really adore and are kind hearted and just, you know, love to collaborate, and I find that with Aloe that he's just such a nice gentlemen and is just super collaborative," she shared. "I had the best time working with him."

Blacc and Rimes' duet rendition of "I Do" is available now.



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