Laura Dern Says She Would Give Her Oscar to Greta Gerwig If She Could

The 'Little Women' director was one of the many female director snubs this year.

Laura Dern won her first Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Marriage Story on Sunday night, but she'd like to share it with someone who didn't get a Best Director nomination. 

"If I could give this Oscar to Greta Gerwig, I would do it right now," she told reporters backstage after her big win, before opening up about the many female directors who were also snubbed for Best Director nominations this year. 

"Lulu [Wang, who directed The Farewell]... there's so many beautiful films. I met the director of Honey Boy, [Alma Har'el] yesterday at the Independent Spirit Awards. There are great films and I think that our lens should focus perhaps on the lack of accolades, and the less opportunity there is and even more so the lack of second chances given to female voices," Dern continued, noting that the "business" side of Hollywood needs to focus on giving more opportunities to diverse voices. "We're going to be in a lot different shape." 

The actress said she shares her Oscar with both her Marriage Story director, Noah Baumbach, and her Little Women director, Gerwig. "I spent my year within art, in friendship and doing press for both films [with them]. So I would love to also see her continually awarded for all her beautiful work," Dern declared.

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Dern isn't the only star to call attention to the female director snubs at this year's Oscars. Natalie Portman wore a Dior gown and embroidered cape on the red carpet, which featured the names of all the female directors who weren't nominated at the awards show. 

The lack of diversity in this year's nominees was also pointed out during the Oscars' opening. See more in the video below.