Kristen Wiig Visits Her Old 'SNL' Dressing Room Ahead of Her Return as Host

Kristen Wiig
Rosalind O'Connor/NBC via Getty Images

Wiig is set to take the stage at Studio 8H this weekend, marking her fifth time hosting since leaving the show in 2012.

Kristen Wiig is returning to her old stomping grounds for her fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live since her exit as a cast member, and she's looking forward to falling back into place.

In a new promo released Wednesday, Wiig, 50, walks joyfully down the hall of SNL's Studio 8H as her inner monologue celebrates the occasion.

"I'm finally home, and the best part of being home? Returning to your childhood bedroom. Or, in my case, dressing room," Wiig says in a voiceover.

Wiig explains that the show's iconic executive producer Lorne Michaels "promised they'd always leave it just the way I left it" and that she can't wait to see all her "old wigs and favorite costumes!"

However, when she actually enters her dressing room, featured players Devon Walker and Michael Longfellow are sitting on the couch playing video games -- and all of Wiig's belongings are in a cardboard box mislabeled as "Kristine W's stuff."

"Oh, hey Kristine. Lorne said we could have your old room," Longfellow says.

"Yeah, you like what we did with the place?" Walker asks.

"Yeah, it's great..." Wiig says forcing a smile, before her voiceover reveals her true feelings. "It's gonna be a long week. Mama's back, you little f**kers!"

ET spoke with Wiig back in March at the premiere of her new dramedy series Palm Royale, and she opened up about returning to host yet again after being a breakout star on the show for seven seasons.

"It's 90 percent amazing and 10 percent, like, I wish I was still there, you know?" Wiig said. "It's like bittersweet in that way. [But] mostly sweet... it pulls my heartstrings a little."

Wiig -- who will be joined by musical guest Raye -- also reflected on the show's longevity and why it has the kind of staying power that has led to it being on the air for nearly half a century.

"I think there's a spirit that's just living in that studio, that's just guiding it through these years," Wiig shared. "I think it's just special and people always talk about it and want to watch it, and it's something that you can count on every week that will just bring you joy and make you laugh."

Saturday Night Live airs live coast-to-coast at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT on NBC and streams live on Peacock.