Kristen Stewart Recalls the 'Spencer' Scene Where She Was 'Scared S**tless'

The actress earned an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Princess Diana.

Kristen Stewart wasn't always confident when she was playing Princess Diana. The 31-year-old actress recently appeared on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show and revealed that, while filming Spencer, it was performing her character's first speaking lines that left her nervous.

The scene features Stewart's Diana in a cafe, and while it wasn't the first scene Stewart shot, the actress was highly aware of the importance of the of the moment.

"I was scared s**tless on that day. I hated that day. I was like, 'God, this is like the moment that everyone's gonna go yay or nay.' You know what I mean? It's like a moment people will just go, 'I believe it. Or I don't believe it,'" she said. "But that's the deal. That's what you sign up for."

"Being the first time that she speaks in the movie had a hugely pressurized feeling, more so than some of the other dialogue-heavy scenes that we did, which at that point in the shoot we'd already done," Stewart added. "It wasn't like that was the first thing that we shot. But because it's the first time you see her or it's actually not, it's the first time you hear her speak. Oh man. I just like really wanted to get that right."

Despite the nerves, Stewart had to "just suspend all over-analytical kind of like blow-the-big-moment thoughts."

"Luckily, it's not a stage play. You can always go again. We have multiple takes. We have a lot of film to burn," Stewart said. "I think that when you do impressions of your friends, without thinking, like if someone said, 'Oh, hey, what did your friend say the other day?' And you just answer, it kind of just happens. You don't even have to be somebody who does impressions."

"You don't have to be like a member of SNL to be somebody who can just go like, 'Yeah, I can sound just exactly like my best friend,'" she continued. "You just have to spend so much time. You just listen, listen, listen, listen. And love someone as cheesy as that sounds. And it happens."

All of Stewart's hard work paid off, as she earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in the flick. 

"I am truly astounded and unbelievably moved and touched and just stunned. I love this movie," Stewart told ET's Will Marfuggi of her nomination. "I just saw the director of Spencer [Pablo Larraín] for the first time since we found out about the nomination, and just seeing the look on his face, seeing all the work we've put into this just evident in his smile, it made me so happy."