Kristen Bell Talks 'Best Friend' Ted Danson and End of 'The Good Place' (Exclusive)

The actress dazzled in a delightful hand-beaded Dior gown at the Emmy Awards on Sunday.

Kristen Bell dazzled in a delightful hand-beaded Dior gown at the 2019 Emmys in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday.

And, it’s a good thing her children weren’t around when she was getting ready in it!

“It’s hand-beaded [and] they would have unraveled all of it!” she told ET’s Kevin Frazier on the red carpet, adding that the kids were at home with husband Dax Shepard. “I got ready at a hotel this morning, so they haven’t seen it. They’ll see it when I rush home to tuck them in!”

The 39-year-old actress was all smiles as she twirled around in the sexy black number, which had strips of pastel colors through it and was mostly backless, showing off her toned torso. “It’s all influenced by this tribal beading and I really like it,” said the star, who accessorized with blingy earrings, kept her makeup natural and wore her blond locks in an updo.

Bell’s show, The Good Place, was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series, while her co-star and “best friend in the world,” Ted Danson, was up for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

“We were Marco Polo-ing while we were getting ready, so I think he seems OK,” she said about how Danson was feeling about the potential Emmy win. “He, like me, is a people-pleaser, so he wants to make everyone happy, but ultimately I think he’s got to know [that] he’s Ted Danson, whether he wins awards of not. He’s the most talented person we’ve got!”


Bell added that it was bittersweet the NBC series will be coming to end after its fourth season.

“It’s not shocking that our creator made an ethical decision to end the show,” she said. “It’s where the story ends. I think it will please people, but it’s hard for us because we really like working there.”

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