Kit Harington Reacts to 'Game of Thrones' Mention in His 'Modern Love' Episode (Exclusive)

The actor famously played Jon Snow on the HBO series.

Kit Harington was hit with a Game of Thrones joke while starring as a lovestruck leading man in Amazon's anthology series, Modern Love.

In his episode, "Strangers on a (Dublin) Train," Harington's character, Michael, has a meet-cute moment with medievalist Paula (Lucy Boynton) while they are both heading home on a train. Upon moving in with his brother, Declan (Jack Reynor), Michael starts to describe his new love interest's specialty. Declan quips of medievalism, "OK. So, like Game of Thrones and stuff?"

Harington's acting chops are on full display when, as Michael, he looks blankly back at Declan and doesn't say a word. 

While speaking with ET's Rachel Smith, Harington reacted to the shout-out to GoT, and said he has "come to terms" with knowing that he'll often be seen as Jon Snow, his character on the HBO series.

"There was a part of me that fought against that for some time," he confided. "But in the process since [the series ended, it] has been about being proud of the job we did, being proud of that show, proud of the character I created and owning it. [And] knowing whenever it comes up in an interview, it is a good thing."

As for his Modern Love episode, the 34-year-old actor -- who is married to his GoT co-star, Rose Leslie -- told ET that he was thrilled at the opportunity to show his more romantic side. 

"This is a nice chance to do something softer and sweeter," Harington expressed. "[Filming] happened at a time when my wife just found out she was pregnant and it just really appealed to my romantic side. For those reasons, I went off and did a sappy rom-com -- but it's intelligent as well."

He added of the role, "This gave me an opportunity to sort of step into a more past self where I would meet a girl on a train and have a chat and flirt. It is one of those great things to do as an actor. You get to pretend you are something that you are not. I am a romantic person. I always have been."

Season 2 of Modern Love is now streaming on Amazon.