Kirsten Dunst Marries Jesse Plemons

The couple met on the set of 'Fargo' and have been dating since 2016.

Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons have tied the knot. The 40-year-old actress and the 34-year-old actor, who share two children together, are married, her rep confirmed to ET on Friday.

According to Page Six, who was first to report the news, the longtime couple tied the knot last weekend in Jamaica. Dunst's rep tells ET, "I can confirm they were married but no other details will be provided."

Dunst and Plemons met on the set of Fargo and started dating in 2016. They got engaged in 2017, later welcoming sons Ennis and James. Dunst gave birth to 4-year-old Ennis in May 2018, and gave birth to 1-year-old James in May 2021.

At the 2022 Oscars, Plemons referred to Dunst as his wife during a bit in which co-host Amy Schumer jokingly pretended Dunst was a seat filler. Schumer took over Dunst's seat, prompting Plemons to tell her, "You just took my wife's seat." Schumer then asked, "Oh, you're married to a seat filler?" to which Plemons responded, "Yes."

A rep for Dunst told ET at the time, "They are not officially married but have referred to each other as husband and wife for quite some time."

In February, Dunst explained to The Los Angeles Times why she and Plemons had yet to make it official.

"We call each other husband and wife," she said. "But we have to get married at this point. It's ridiculous. We just haven’t planned a wedding. There was COVID, then we had another child. I didn't want to be pregnant, get married, have a party and not be able to have fun with everybody."

ET spoke with the couple in November 2021, when they talked about playing husband and wife onscreen for the second time after FX's Fargo in the critically acclaimed Netflix film, The Power of the Dog.

"First off, when we met, we really clicked with each other creatively and were able to be very honest with each other, and we built trust really quickly where if either one of us had an idea, we could throw it out, without any ego," Plemons shared. "If the other one liked it, great, if not, then it was no big deal. Everything just felt really easy." 

Dunst added, "Creatively we're so in sync. Then we got together about a year after working together. Then this project came along, first for Jesse, and the idea of working with [director] Jane Campion, it's just a dream come true. She's just one of those filmmakers that I've always looked up to in terms of taste, and the performances in her films have always been inspirational for me as an actor."

ET again spoke with the couple at the 2022 Oscars, where Dunst joked about their kids-free Oscars date night.

"We don’t have kids right now," Dunst told ET. "So as late as I can stay up, I will stay up."

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