Kim Coles Reunites With Queen Latifah, Talks Possible 'Living Single' Reunion (Exclusive)

The actress reunited with former co-star Queen Latifah at theGrio Awards' first-ever ceremony and gala.

If you've been waiting for updates on a possible reunion of the Living Single cast, get in line! Kim Coles is way ahead of you. 

ET spoke with the comedian on Saturday at theGrio Awards' first-ever ceremony and gala at the Beverly Hilton, where she was among many of the night's stars honoring Norman Lear, Tyler Perry, Patti LaBelle and more.

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Coles was especially pleased to honor her friend and former co-star, Queen Latifah, who received the Television Icon Award for her decades-long work on the small screen.

"She's deserving of any iconic experience... I spent a lot of time with her and she's a person who is very aware of her power and was very, very early. So I'm not surprised that she is graduating to iconic even this early in her career, I believe she's just getting started," the Living Single alum shared. 

"She really is someone who jumps into everything with excellence and jumps into everything, as I said before, with knowing fully who she is," Coles added. "To be on a set with her with no makeup and no nothing and just do nothing, to everything that she's built. I'm actually not surprised. It's like, now's the time. And like I said, she's young enough to receive all the icon awards as all the years go by. So I'm excited."

The actresses starred on the hit Fox sitcom Living Single during its five-season run. The series followed the lives of six friends living in a Brooklyn brownstone and featured Queen Latifah, Coles, Erika Alexander, Kim Fields, John Henton and T.C. Carson. 

Yvette Lee Bowser -- who has been involved with several iconic Black series, including A Different WorldHalf & Half and Dear White People and the recent Run the World -- created and executive produced the series.

Much like Bowser, Coles doesn't believe there could ever be a reboot of the classic series, but she's on board for a possible reunion! 

"I'm going to stay in a state of positive expectation," the actress told ET when asked whether there are any plans for the cast to reunite, especially since they remain in contact through an active group chat. "I don't know when it's coming. But I'm gonna believe it's coming mostly because we all still look good. We all still like each other and, hello, why not? So I'm gonna stay in a state of yes, it will happen one day. It has to, right?"

As for the Icon herself, Queen Latifah noted her time on Living Single as one of the highlights of her long-standing career.

"[The highlights have been...] working with people like Kim Coles, Kim Fields, Erika [Alexander] and doing The Equalizer right now," the actress shared with ET. "You know, being challenged and just telling a story that we can bring home to people’s houses, bringing it right into your living room and having people connect with it, see you on the streets and naming their kids after you."

The Equalizer star credited her role as Matron "Mama" Morton in 2002's Chicago for being "the shift" that aligned the stars for her rapidly rising star. 

"Everything changed when Chicago came out," she recalled. "I was nominated for an Oscar, Bringing Down the House was the number one movie in the country, grossed over, like, $100 million... like, everything changed. So I went from talent to more of a producer, being able to create, making movies like Beauty Shop. It was a big change but most importantly, working with the brilliant [director] Rob Marshall and the whole cast and crew was life-changing."

Watch Queen Latifah reflect on the legacy of the big-screen adaptation of Broadway's hit musical ahead of its 20th anniversary below.