Killer Mike Breaks His Silence About Being Arrested at 2024 GRAMMYs After His Wins

The Georgia-based rapper won three GRAMMYs before he was seen being led away in handcuffs.

Killer Mike isn't going to let an arrest get him down. The 48-year-old rapper may have been led away from the 2024 GRAMMY Awards in handcuffs on Sunday night, but that's not going to take away from his impressive sweep at the annual awards show. 

In a statement to ET on Monday, Killer Mike thanked The Recording Academy for the awards and explained what really happened as he was escorted away during the show. 

"I first want to extend my appreciation to the Grammy’s Committee for recognizing me and my team for the work that went into Michael. We are incredibly proud and are basking in this moment. I am also grateful that one of my prayers has been answered – the day after my Grammy win – I learned that my son, who has been on the list for a kidney for years, finally has a match. Obviously, we are elated," he said. 

"I do want to note that last night, my team and I fielded a number of calls from concerned fans and colleagues wanting to know if I was OK. I greatly appreciate the concern and support, but I am better than OK. As you can imagine, there was a lot going and there was some confusion around which door my team and I should enter. We experienced an over-zealous security guard but my team and I have the upmost confidence that I will ultimately be cleared of all wrongdoing.

Until that time, keep listening to Michael, and keep going after your dreams," the rapper continued. 

A source in his camp also released a statement to ET, saying, "We are grateful for the love and support Killer Mike has received. He worked incredibly hard on Michael, and his Grammy win was well-deserved. We hit a speed bump in that Mike was detained and charged with a misdemeanor after collecting his awards. On the way into the venue, there was considerable confusion around where to go. He encountered an over-zealous security guard and continued moving towards his destination. The situation has been overblown but we are confident that the facts of the case, when laid bare, will show that Mike did not commit the alleged offense and he will be exonerated."

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Mike previously broke his silence on his arrest on Monday's episode of V-103's Big Tigger Morning Talk Show.

"What had happened was?" one emcee asked Mike, clearly alluding to the arrest news. 

"Ain't nothing had happened was. I won them GRAMMYs, we slide, we partied all night," Mike said, laughing. 

He regularly tried to change the topic, saying, "We winners, that's it," and adding of his sharp style, "Didn't I look good?"

Finally, Mike conceded, "We hit a speed bump and then we head back to the party, man."

When another emcee asked Mike if the arrest overshadowed his GRAMMY wins, the Atlanta, Georgia-based rapper shut down the comment quickly.

"We not even gonna allow you to ask that question. We're gonna get back to the real question — how did he do it? Three GRAMMYs," Mike marveled. "Thirty years in game, 48 years old, beat out everyone in the thang, man. He beat the best of the best. So all you can say is he one of the best. The best album in the 50th year of hip-hop came from Atlanta, Georgia, from a man who will be 50 years old in three years."

Mike, whose legal name is Michael Render, took home three GRAMMY Awards for Best Rap Album for Michael, Best Rap Performance for "Scientists & Engineers" and Best Rap Song for "Scientists & Engineers."

Moments later, Mike was seen in a video from The Hollywood Reporter's Chris Gardner being led out of the Arena in Los Angeles in handcuffs. 

"On Sunday Feb. 4th just after 4pm a male adult was detained and handcuffed for a physical altercation that occurred at the 700 block of Chick Hearn Court," the Los Angeles Police Department told ET of the incident. "The suspect was placed under arrest and was transported to LAPD Central Division."

The department went on to identify the suspect as 48-year-old Michael Render, Killer Mike's legal name, adding that the performer was "booked for Misdemeanor Battery 243(A) PC, and has been released on zero bail."

Chick Hearn Court is located directly next to the Arena where the GRAMMY Awards took place on Sunday.

Following the ordeal, GRAMMY chief Harvey Mason Jr. was seen on the phone while huddled around Killer Mike's team. The Los Angeles Times reported that Killer Mike was released from police custody hours after he was retained.


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