Kevin Bacon Shares What It's Like Behind the Scenes When Filming 'Carpool Karaoke' (Exclusive)

Yes, the car is actually moving!

Yes, the car is actually moving! Kevin Bacon and his brother, Michael, opened up to ET about the behind-the-scenes logistics required to successfully film their recent episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series. 

For years, fans of the show -- and the Late Late Show With James Corden segment that inspired it -- have wondered if the stars behind the wheel are actually moving, or if it is merely the work of a great special effects team. 

"I was driving," Michael said. "One of the hard things is the car is set up with a lot of cameras, so a lot of your vision is blocked." In ET's exclusive clip, you can see the car's windshield peppered with cameras. "Whenever you make a right turn, and as a New Yorker it's hair-raising enough," Michael continued. "I was so happy I didn't run anybody over." 

How did the brothers decide who would hop in the driver's seat? "Even when we're not doing Carpool Karaoke, if we ever have to drive, he does the driving," Kevin said. 

But the driving wasn't the only tricky portion of the Bacon brothers' episode. "One of the things that was really exciting and scary about it was that a few of the situations they had presented to us involved surprising people," Kevin said. "People that were unaware, so I'm not used to those kind of situations where it's like, anything can happen." 

In the episode, Kevin hides under a blanket in the car's passenger seat while his brother calls random people over to the car to ask if they are Kevin Bacon fans and quiz them on his movies. Halfway through the conversations, Kevin pops out from under the blanket to surprise the participants. 

"It was a little frightening, but it was cool. It was fun to live on the edge," Kevin said. 

Kevin and Michael appeared on Carpool Karaoke representing their band, the Bacon Brothers, and put their musical talents to the test with a wide range of songs given to them by the show's producers. 

"There were a lot of songs that were way out of my range personally," Kevin said, "but they were still fun to play around."

New episodes of Carpool Karaoke: The Series are now streaming on Apple TV+.