Kevin Bacon Reveals His Top Anti-Aging Secrets and How Kyra Sedgwick Helps With His Skincare Routine

Kevin Bacon
Frederic Auerbach

Kevin Bacon sat down with Haute Living for their November 2023 Philanthropy issue and shared his anti-aging tips and more.

Forever young! Kevin Bacon is spilling his anti-aging secrets and how he has his wife Kyra Sedgwick to thank in an interview with Haute Living for their November 2023 Philanthropy issue.

The actor, 65, credited the actress, 58, for keeping him on top of his skincare regimen by sharing her must-haves with him.

"I'd love to chalk it up to clean living, and I'm not going to pretend that I don't try to take care of myself, but my wife really tries. She's constantly leaving me little skin routine products on my side of the sink, like age-defying, emulsifying sh-t, or a restoring lotion," he told the magazine.

Frederic Auerbach

"I'll be like, 'Where’d this come from?' But then I'll think about it and go, 'Oh, of course. I know.' I often ask her what she's trying to say. She's always wanting me to keep up some kind of routine," he added.

Aside from incorporating new products into his lineup, Bacon says having values and ambition is key to staying youthful. 

"I was a driven kid, with a hunger in my belly and a strong work ethic. My parents always believed that you chop wood, carry water, roll up your sleeves, and get it done. You work. [That's what I’ve taught my kids], and now, they feel the same way. And so does my wife. We're not bad at being leisurely, but we all have a bit of a workaholic spirit in us," he explained.

"I don't plan on pumping the brakes. I think a lot of people are thinking, 'I'll go a little easier now. I'll do one movie a year or maybe I'll retire,' I'm not at that point yet. I'm very much focused. I feel like my best stuff, my biggest successes, are in front of me and not in the rear view," the SixDegrees.Org founder said.

The Footloose star has also made it a point to stay grounded and appreciative through his professional and personal wins.

Frederic Auerbach

"I try not to value my own self-worth based on too many external things, like fame. Is my life normal? No, it's not. It's weird to others, but not weird to me anymore, because this is all I do. It's hard to explain what it feels like, but it's 99 percent great. ... I try to practice as much gratitude as I can, knowing that I have a job where I do what I love. I practice gratitude for the marriage and kids I have, and for being healthy,” the actor noted. 

He also tries to practice mindfulness with all his achievements.

"The hard part for me is to stop and enjoy the moment when something is good, when a film does well, or when people respond to something in a positive way. Both Kyra and I have to remember to do that. It's hard to live in the moment sometimes, but we’re trying to learn how to be more self-aware," the Six Degrees with Kevin Bacon podcast host shared.

And with that, Bacon continues to be open to evolving in all areas of his life, which is his ultimate wellness hack.

Frederic Auerbach

"I don't want to fall into a mindset of not having anything new to learn, or any way to grow. That's when you start dying. You come to a point in your life where, if you take one fork in the road, it leads to gratitude. If you take another fork in the road, it leads to bitterness. What I see oftentimes is that older people choose the road of bitterness. And that’s what really ages you, you know?" the actor told the magazine.