Kesha Teases New Music For the First Time Since Settling Legal Battle With Dr. Luke

Gilbert Flores/Billboard via Getty Images

The singer bared it all to tease her new music in a psychedelic video shared on Wednesday.

Kesha is feeling free and liberated, and is welcoming fans to follow her on a bold, new musical journey.

The songstress took to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday to share a naturalistic video set to some soft and ethereal music, featuring the songstress gently singing "I’ve been waiting for you, everything’s changed now."

In the dream-like clip, Kesha pulls off her white satin nightgown while walking up to a babbling brook at Twilight, and playfully frolics in the stream like a mythical water nymph.

The fully nude singer radiates a blinding glow throughout the short video, and trails orange lights that dance off her skin as the sun sets and she is enveloped by the night.

The tweet itself directs fans to a new website,, which features a large cover image of Kesha's nude back as she stands out in the forest at night, her bare skin bathed in the warm glow of a fire.

The words "Kesha Is Waiting For You" spin in a circle in the air above her outstretched arms, giving the lyrics an almost halo-like appearance.

The New Age-inspired teasers come just a few hours after Kesha excitedly posted, "First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome."

Kesha first seemingly teased new music when she posted paparazzi photos of herself back in January, which showed her walking around with a hand-written cardboard sign that read "New music coming soon."

Whatever she has on the horizon will be her first new music since settling her long and contentious public legal battle with her former producer, Dr. Luke.

Back in December, the singer shared a video of her on a beach on her TikTok page, with the words, "I haven't felt this free since I was 18," written across the screen. Two days before that, she shared a similar shot of her standing nude in a sunny vacation spot on Instagram, which she captioned, "Coming back home to me ❤️"

Both liberating shots were posted after Variety reported that the pop star had left both her label and management following the end of her 9-year legal battle in June.

According to the outlet, a source shared that Kesha's deal with Luke's label, Kemosabe, which is distributed by RCA Records, officially ended last week, seven months after the release of her last contractual album with the label, Gag Order, which was released in May 2023.

In a statement to Variety, a rep for Kesha's longtime manager confirmed in December that the singer has also parted ways with the company, noting, "Jack Rovner confirms, after 16 years, Kesha and Vector Management have agreed amicably to part ways, with much love and respect."

Kesha followed with a statement of her own shortly after: "My manager has been an unwavering supporter of helping me get through the lengthy legal battle I have been embroiled in for almost a decade. We have achieved many great successes and have shared a magnificent part of my life with me. I am so grateful to them and always will be.  In need of a fresh start in my life, we have parted ways but I will remain forever grateful for the run we had."

Kesha released five full-length albums -- including her 2010 debut, Animal, which included the smash single "Tik Tok" -- and three EPs through Kemosabe.

For more on the singer's long-running legal drama, see the video below.