Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell Delight Fans With Surprise Reunion During the 2022 Emmys

The Emmy host and his 'Good Burger' co-star had a fan-pleasing reunion on Monday.

Back together again! Kenan Thompson hosted this year's Emmy Awards, and managed to sneak in a little reunion with his old pal, Kel Mitchell.

Midway through Monday's star-studded show at the Microsoft Theater in Downtown Los Angeles, Thompson wandered over to the bar for one of the ceremony's comedic interludes, and struck up a conversation with the night's "honorary bartender," Kumail Nanjiani.

An overwhelmed Nanjiani -- who had been tasked with serving drinks as a regular bartender and was totally unprepared -- struggled to make drinks for people, before Thompson decided to order for a man slumped over on the bar, apparently passed out.

"Excuse me, sir, can we get you a drink or something?" Thompson asked, as Mitchell sat up and smiled bright.

"You know what, can I get a Good Burger?" he asked, as an exuberant Thompson hugged him and the pair jumped around excitedly.

"Make that two Good Burgers!" Thompson yelled. "Oh my goodness! Let's do some kung fu as they roll into the next package!"

As the pair showed off their ridiculous martial arts moves, Thompson teased, "Sequel coming next year!"

Needless to say, fans lost it, and took to Twitter to share their excitement and love for the moment.

The 74th Primetime Emmy Awards were broadcast live on NBC and Peacock. Meanwhile, check out the full winners list and stay tuned to for complete Emmys coverage.