Kellie Pickler Defines Southern Slang in Rapid-Fire Interview (Exclusive)

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The North Carolina native is celebrating the second season of her Faith Hill-produced talk show, 'Pickler & Ben,' as she opens up about her heartfelt new single.

Kellie Pickler is a woman of many talents. 

The former American Idol star has officially added talk show host to her resume. Amid a successful first season of Pickler & Ben, the Faith Hill-produced daytime program co-hosted with journalist Ben Aaron, the lifestyle series has been picked up for a second season. 

"We're excited that this little roller coaster ride is gonna keep on going," Pickler says on this week's edition of Certified Country. "We're gonna hopefully continue to grow and hope that our audience will grow with us and have grace for our mistakes." 

The program aims to create a "safe space" for guests and viewers, promoting positive and uplifting messaging. In an upcoming episode, Pickler and Aaron will interview a series of people with "cool jobs," including one mind-blowing segment with a mentalist. Watch the moment unfold in ET's exclusive clip, below. 

Meanwhile, Pickler is busy promoting her latest single, written in honor of the grandmother who raised her, Faye. The heartfelt song, which Pickler co-wrote with husband Kyle Jacobs and the couple's close friend, Brian Bunn, is titled "If It Wasn't for a Woman." 

Tearing up, Pickler explains that the song was written at her own kitchen table on the anniversary of her grandmother's death. 

"She was the woman that I called Mom," Pickler says. "This song was really to shine a light on her love and her grace." 

Pickler opens up about some of the "incredible" women in her life today, including Hill, idol Dolly Parton, and longtime pals Katherine McPhee, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood in a rapid-fire round of word association. 

Later, she offers an education on Southern terminlogy in a hilarious game of "Southern Charm," explaining terms like "Cattywampus," "Piddlin'" and more. See the full episode of Certified Country below and check your local listings for new episodes of Pickler & Ben