Keanu Reeves Reveals What He Was Thinking in 'Sad Keanu' Pic

The 'Matrix 4' star insists he wasn't sad when the moment was captured.

Turns out, Keanu Reeves wasn't that sad after all. On Monday's episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the A-list actor and most memeable man in Hollywood found himself face-to-face with "Sad Keanu."

While discussing Reeves' comic book, BRZRKR, Colbert noted that one illustration of the graphic novel's main character greatly resembles the 2010 photo that went viral of the 57-year-old actor sitting on a park bench in New York City, now famously referred to as "Sad Keanu."

"I'm just eating a sandwich!" Reeves exclaimed when the photo-turned-meme was shown. 

When asked if he was actually sad in the image, the Matrix 4 star responded, "I was thinking. I had some stuff going on. I was hungry."

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'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert compares 'Sad Keanu' photo to image in Keanu Reeves' comic book, 'BRZRKR.' - Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Reeves called the similarities between "Sad Keanu" and the comic book image "kinda meta," noting that he didn't know illustrator Ron Garney was going to do that. "Life and art," he said.

As for why he's so "memeable," the question led Reeves to break out into song! Unexpectedly, the actor started performing a version of Bill Withers' "Lean on Me" with an updated chorus.

"Meme on me / when you’re not strong / I’ll be your friend / I’ll help you carry on," he crooned. 

Expect to see more of Reeves this month! The Matrix Resurrections hits theaters on Dec. 22 and will also begin streaming on HBO Max.