Ke Huy Quan Surprises Jimmy Kimmel to Keep the Oscars Victory Celebration Going

The 'Everything Everywhere All At Once' star is still riding the excitement high of winning an Oscar!

Ke Huy Quan's not ready to stop celebrating Oscar triumph just yet. As Jimmy Kimmel recapped this year's Oscars gala during his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, Quan dropped in for a high-energy surprise visit.

Kimmel -- who hosted Sunday's star-studded show -- recalled some of the night's biggest (and most hilariously awkward) highlights, when he was paid a visit by Quan, still decked out in his tuxedo and holding his coveted golden statue.

"I didn't know you were coming, what are you doing here?" Kimmel asked, beaming.

"I'm looking for my car," Quan replied, explaining that he was still up from the night before. "I will never go to sleep, Jimmy. I can't let the best day of my night end!"

"Also, I was out all last night with Cocaine Bear," Quan added, referring to the costumed bear who made quite the impression during Sunday's telecast.

After snapping one final awards season selfie with Kimmel and his entire audience, Quan gleeful ran off stage, still cheering on the spirit of the Oscars season.

During Monday's JKL! monologue, Kimmel also addressed one of the most talked-about moments from Sunday, which went down before the show even kicked off: Hugh Grant's remarkably awkward red carpet interview with Ashely Graham.

After playing the cringy interview in nearly its entirety -- during which Grant glibly answered Graham's questions and generally seemed annoyed and dismissive of the entire thing -- a laughing Kimmel quipped, "He knows he's on TV, right?"

"I could watch that exchange over and over again for hours on end," Kimmel said. "Has Hugh Grant ever been on a red carpet before? That's what they ask!"

He also offered a suggestion about what he thinks might be the reason for the uncomfortable exchange, sharing, "Maybe they were shooting a movie where things get off to a bad start, and then he and Ashely end up getting married on another red carpet! That would be very Hugh Grant."

For more on Kimmel's turn as host of the 95th Oscars, check out the video below.