Kate Winslet on Reuniting With Hugh Grant on 'The Regime' 29 Years After 'Sense and Sensibility' (Exclusive)

Their new show premieres on HBO on March 3.

Kate Winslet is opening up about reuniting with Hugh Grant on their new HBO series, The Regime, nearly 30 years after they previously worked together in 1995's Sense and Sensibility

Talking with ET's Rachel Smith from the New York City premiere of the show, the iconic Titanic actress, 48, said she was elated to get the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend and co-star. 

"It was honestly amazing because I haven't really seen him since Sense and Sensibility, and as you say, it's a very, very long time -- three decades," Winslet said. "I just was excited to get in a room and play with him in this kind of more grown-up version of myself."

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In their 1995 Jane Austen adaptation -- written by and also starring Emma Thompson -- Winslet played Marianne Dashwood, the younger sister of Thompson's Elinor Dashwood. Grant, 63, portrayed Edward Ferrars, the love interest of Thompson's character. 

For Winslet, The Regime offered her an opportunity to pair up with Grant again, this time in a more grown-up and "evolved" way. 

"Hopefully a bit more evolved, hopefully with a bit more to bring to the table," she said of their new collaboration. "And I -- it was just terrific, it was just great."

The HBO show -- which follows Winslet as a chancellor of an unnamed European country -- also stars Raising Hope alum Martha Plimpton and To Leslie Oscar nominee Andrea Riseborough. Winslet, who is typically known for her more dramatic projects, said the chaotic character allowed her to shake things up a bit. 

"I had never read a character like this, I mean, in my life. She was just nothing like anything I had played before and so I knew going into it -- being supported by such a phenomenal, hilarious script -- that I was gonna have a lot of room to play -- and wonderful actors," Winslet said.

"This was very good for me because normally I don't play comedic roles. And so, to have this opportunity, which I have to say, I've been hoping would come along one day, but I haven't imagined it would come along with just such phenomenal juicy bits to act out, my goodness," she marveled. "It's absurd, she's delusional, she's a hypochondriac, she's distrustful of everybody, it was just such a delicious part to play." 

Watch a trailer for The Regime in the player below: 

While Winslet said that getting to play a charismatic and fun role was incredibly important, she also wanted to make sure she was surrounded by a strong cast that could bring a community feel to the set. 

"I have to say, something very important to me coming out the other side of COVID was to sort of be in a pact-like [environment] with so many other wonderful performers. I really missed that," Winslet shared. "I like needed that so badly and it was just incredible, honestly. Every day, we all fight off each other and looked out for each other."

The Regime debuts on HBO and MAX on March 3.