Kate Beckinsale on Her Daughter Following in Her Acting Footsteps (Exclusive)

The 'Guilty Party' actress opened up to ET about her daughter's career and her love of true crime stories.

Kate Beckinsale is one proud mom! However, as her daughter, Lily, embraces her own burgeoning career in front of the camera, Beckinsale says she's letting her forge her own path.

ET's Matt Cohen spoke with the Guilty Party actress recently, and she opened up about helping her 22-year-old daughter, and how she gives advice "only when asked."

"I'm not calling her up and saying, 'Now, I've got a pearl of wisdom, get ready!'" Beckinsale explained. "It's been very important to me to be very independent in that respect."

"So even though she used my last name, and had my last name growing up, I think that's such of kind of an obvious one, she's not using that for her acting," continued Beckinsale, who shares Lily with her ex, actor Michael Sheen.

"I think, you know, it's onerous enough to sort of look like me, you know, and me being her mother anyway and her having the same name. She's been asked since she was about 3 months old like, 'Oh, are you going to be an actress like your mother?'"

"[So] I think it's really important to her to have her own thing and blaze her own trail and do her own stuff," Beckinsale added. "So as much as it's quite difficult not to kind of be poking into her business all the time, I really do respect that and I admire how much she wants to be independent from us."

As for Beckinsale, the actress is currently starring in a new dark comedy series, Guilty Party, in which she plays a disgraced journalist trying to revive her career with a story about a women who claims to be wrongfully imprisoned for her husband's murder.

According to Beckinsale, the project is a relatable one for her because of how much she's delved into the world of true crime stories.

"We're all watching true crime avidly! And what I find quite disturbing is when I'm really homesick, I'm looking up British serial killers now. It's so weird," Beckinsale said. "I am one of those women who finds it comforting and worries about all that."

Beckinsale's new series, Guilty Party, debuts Oct. 14 on Paramount+.